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___ Passport
___ Rain gear (durable,-sturdy poncho is ok-avoid the flimsy plastic ponchos that tear easily)
___ 1-2 Bathing suits
___ 3-4 T-Shirts
___ 1-2 Long-sleeved shirts (quick dry and light weight for sun protection; cotton is ok)
___ 2-3 Pairs of shorts (quick dry and light weight )
___ 1 Pair of lightweight long pants

___  Sun protection for your legs while snorkeling (tights, surgical scrubs or lightweight neoprene- this is a suggestion for those who sunburn easily)
___ 1 lightweight sweatshirt, sweater or capilene/fleece long sleeve shirt
___ 1 Windbreaker or your rain gear top can be used as a windbreaker
___ 1 Pair of hiking shoes (either a sturdy tennis shoe, lightweight hiking shoe or a sandal with toe protection (i.e. like Keens).
___ 1 pair of sandals, Teva style or flip flops
___ 2 Pairs of socks (for hiking and to use with fins if needed or you may use booties depending upon what type of fin you use)
___ 1 Flannel sheet, lightweight fleece blanket, lightweight sleeping bag or sleeping bag liner- for sleeping on deck. The outside cover to a comforter works well.
___ Closed cell sleeping pad--i.e. ensolite or thermarest for sleeping on deck (optional); you may also sleep on the soft trampoline net between the front hulls

                         and there are some long cushions on board to share.
___ Underwear
___ Toiletries (toothbrush, paste, lotions, aloe, etc,)
___ Sunscreen (30 strength or higher) & lip balm with sunscreen
___ Sunglasses with leash
___ Hat with visor or wide rim
___ Insect repellent (small amount)
___ Avon Skin so Soft, small amount (the original Bath Oil) may be ordered online at Avon   to ward off the occasional sand gnat (no see ums; it may be diluted with 1/2 water
___ Personal medicines ( anti diarrhea,band aids,neosporin, pain reliever)
___ Biodegradable soap for laundry and saltwater baths; Joy soap is acceptable and suds up nicely in saltwater
___ Small Day pack or dry bag

___ 1 quart size water bottle
___ Duffel bag--Several medium or one large soft duffel bag works well. Large, fully hard shelled suitcases are difficult to store on board and are not recommended.

                      Everything you bring is stored on board in your shared cabin. A soft duffel with a stiff back side and rollers is acceptable.
___ Mask fins & snorkel - check with a local dive shop for proper fit; you may borrow gear from our charter company, but we recommend bringing your own gear for the best fit.
___ 2 Garbage bags & 3 1 gallon ziplocs for organizing stuff and packing up wet gear before returning home
___ Flashlight or head lamp
___ Extra batteries
___ Clothes pins or you may use the boats supply

___ Clothes to travel home in

Camera/memory card and camera charger

Mesh dive bag
Ear plugs

Waterproof flashlight or dive light
Waterproof watch

Small Dry Bag - to protect personal gear such as camera, binoculars, extra clothing while kayaking.
Paperback books
1-2 Sarongs
Sea Sickness medication

1 Rash Guard -gives sun protection to upper body torso; Mysterioso makes a nice rash guard (more details below) Water temperatures may range from 80-83

Shorty wetsuit -- 2.5-3mm;  if you chill easily you may want to bring a wetsuit or a top/bottom combination of Mysterioso found at most kayak shops; Mysterioso products or wetsuits may be purchased online at REI  or Kayak Connection  Santa Cruz. (831-479-1121),  Most people are fine without a wetsuit.

Pajamas for lounging in

Your favorite adult beverage and snacks - we will stock up before departure in Road Town

SEA SICKNESS PREVENTION: Review our suggestions by scrolling down at:  Sailboat Living and More

LOST LUGGAGE: Just in case your luggage is misplaced during airplane transfers, pack the following in a carry on bag:
mask & snorkel, 1 pair of shorts, 1 t-shirt, bathing suit, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 pair of pants, camera, sunscreen, essential toiletries and personal medications.




Coral Reef Fishes --- Joseph Stokes

The Seaside Naturalist --- Deborah A. Coulombe

The Marine Biology Coloring Book-- Thomas M. Niesen

A Field Guide to The Coral Reefs of the Caribbean and Florida --- Eugene Kaplan

The Neotropical Companion --- John C. Kricher


Don't Stop the Carnival --- Herman Wouk

Treasure Island --- Robert Lewis Stevenson

The Serpent and the Rainbow --- Wade Davis

The Caribbean --- James Michener


Lonely Planet: Virgin Islands ---Randall Peffer

Frommer's Portable Virgin Islands --- Darwin Porter