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SAILBOAT LIVING: What better way to experience the islands than from your own private yacht! During your week in paradise, become an active member of a sailing crew in one of the world's top yachting  destinations. With the guidance of our captain,  take the ship's helm, raise sails, set anchors and learn how to maintain a safe ship.

Your on board naturalist will provide informal talks on reef ecology

and other topics throughout the week. We are offering a multi-sport adventure!   Two tandem sit on top kayaks, an SUP (stand up paddle board). a sail board (windsurf) complete with instruction will be at your service (if wind conditions permit).

Our pace will be leisurely with each day enjoying the exquisite beauty of a new anchorage among the scenic chain of volcanic islands. Our double hull catamaran offers stability and comfort and she's fast too! Each stateroom provides ample storage and a queen size bed for two people to share.   Most women opt to sleep under the stars on our spacious deck or trampoline  or you may share a stateroom (you will be assigned another group member to share a stateroom if traveling alone).

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE: On June 4th, Please arrive to the TMM Charter dock by 10:00am and plan on departing from the BVIS anytime after 2:00pm on June 9th.  We will provide a group taxi to the airport on June 9th leaving the docks by noon.



You may also visit: http://bvi.wheretostay.com/property.html for a nice review of accommodations.

Here are a few additional suggestions we can offer:

Prospect Reef Resort and Nanny  Cay Resort are both medium size resorts that can help you arrange scuba diving packages before our trip begins.

Brewers Bay Campground: located on a quiet, beautiful bay on the North shore of Tortola. Platform tents complete with two cots, stoves/utensils may be rented for $35 plus tax; bare sites in which you provide a tent can be rented for $15. Brewers Bay offers good snorkeling and hiking but very few amenities. Can be buggy. The campground has a bar/snack bar (open off/on) but no grocery store; plan on bringing  your own food; contact: 284-494-3463
Icis Vacation Villas: new villa located in Brewers Bay Tele: 284-494-6979; quiet and comfortable

Sebastains on the Beach Hotel: reasonably priced beach front hotel on Little Apple Bay; beautiful beaches and numerous restaurants nearby;

contact: 284-495-4212 (opposite side of island from TMM charters).

Hotels around  Tortola including Hotel Castle Maria: inexpensive small hotel not far from TMM Charters, the location of our sailboat.

Contact: 284-494-2553.

Beef Island Guest House: small inn located on Trellis Bay within walking distance of the Beef Island Airport; 4 basic rooms with ceiling fans; off season rate: $85 plus tax. Contact: moongoose@surfBVI.com 
Telephone: 284-495-2303

GETTING TO THE BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS: There are several options for travel to Beef Island International Airport (EIS) in the British Virgin Islands, Tortola. In the past, clients have routed through San Juan, Puerto Rico as well as St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. We suggest that you check online or consult your travel agent who can also give advice on the purchase o travel insurance. Before booking, please check in with Blue Water Ventures for an update on the trip's sign up status.

GETTING AROUND TORTOLA: Taxi's are readily available at the airport and will cost roughly $20 for transfer into Road Town. There are several car rental agencies (Avis, Hertz, National and Dollar). Expect to pay $35-45 for a Suzuki Samurai and $10 for a temporary driver's license. Tortola has very little street crime and is a relatively safe area to explore on foot. However, the terrain is very hilly. Expect a cardiovascular workout! Remember, people drive on the left side and

livestock (cows, goats, chickens) may wander onto the main roads.

APPROPRIATE DRESS: The Tortolan people are fairly conservative and we ask that you respect a casual, but appropriate dress code. We will discuss this topic further on board. As a reminder before your trip, please cover up bathing suits if going into a public areas such as streets, shops, beach bars or restaurants.

CLIMATE:   Early June is relatively dry n in this region of the Caribbean. However moderate rain fall is always a possibility in the tropics. Temperatures should be reasonably pleasant with day time highs in the upper 80's and upper 70-80. Easterly trade winds often prevail keeping the temperatures pleasant.

Bring a waterproof sun block/lip balm with a protection factor of 30 or higher. Water temperatures may range from 78-82.

You may want to bring a shorty wetsuit (2.5-3mm) although most people are comfortable without a wetsuit this tme of year.

Another great option is a top/bottom combination of Mysterioso found at most kayak shops.

Mysterioso products may be purchased online at REI  or Kayak Connection in Santa Cruz (831-479-1121).

MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS:The British Virgin Islands does not require any specific immunizations for entry from the USA.  However, The Center For Disease Control has issued a set of recommendations for travel to the BVI's. In general, any travelers should be up to date on vaccines  to include: measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine, and your yearly flu shot.

There may be additional travel recommendations, so we encourage you to check with your health provider and The  Center for Disease Control British Virgin islands Link for the latest travel updates. If possible, one should receive their travel immunizations 4-6 weeks prior to travel for maximum benefit.

Please visit the The  Center for Disease Control for updates and suggestions before you travel. All medical precautions are the decision of each participant.

SEA SICKNESS PREVENTION: If you are prone to mild sea sickness, we recommend bringing some form of prevention. Most people in this category get their "sea legs" in a few hours or a day. Medications such as Bonine or Dramamine are usually effective although drowsiness or thirst can be a side effect. Your local pharmacist or physician can advise you. In the past, several clients have successfully used "sea bands" which employ a pressure point on the wrists rather than medication. Sea Bands have no side effects and can be purchased at most dive shops.

PHYSICAL CONDITIONING: While sailing experience is not required to participate in this program, good, general health is recommended. For those who enjoy a lot of activity, there will be plenty of opportunities to hike or beachcomb on shore as well as hours of snorkeling.  All hikes are optional. Please call us ahead of time if you have any questions about health concerns.


MEALS: Healthy, well balanced meals will be prepared by your Blue Water Ventures staff on board. Help in food prep is always welcomed, although not expected. Vegetarian meals can be arranged upon request. You are welcomed to bring personal snacks or alcoholic beverages on board. Soft drinks or juice will be provided each meal. We will go ashore one evening to sample some Caribbean cuisine (dinner and drinks are on your own this evening).  Please specify  any dietary restrictions or allergies by email.

INSECT REPELLENT: A few mosquitoes and sand gnats may be encountered in the BVI's. Avon Skin so Soft is the best defense against sand gnats and a strong pump style repellent is good against mosquitoes. A layer of light weight, light in color clothing is good defense against insects. Generally, there are few insects while on board.

CLOTHING: Loose fitting cotton or quick drying nylon work well in the tropics. Lighter colors seem more comfortable in the heat. Jeans take too long to dry out and are not recommended. Laundry is done by hand as needed by each participant.

ELECTRICAL OUTLETS: The boat comes equipped with  a 110 volt electrical plug which should accommodate recharging digital cameras or other appliances.   Our Catamaran has a CD player so bring your favorite tunes.

TAKING SHOWERS: Freshwater is a limited resource aboard our floating home. There will be plenty of water for consumption, but leisurely freshwater showers will be restricted. Bathing can also be accomplished using salt water and biodegradable soap followed by a quick freshwater rinse.

PASSPORTS: Everyone is required to have a current passport for entry into the British Virgin Islands . It usually takes 6-8 weeks to process a passport. You may visit your local post office to obtain/ submit a passport application. Please make several photo copies of your passport (one to keep at home,

one to bring with you and you may send one for our records if you would like too).

LUGGAGE: Several medium or one large soft duffel bag works well. Large, hard shelled suitcases are difficult to store on board and are not recommended.

MONEY: US dollars are used as exchange throughout the British Virgin Islands. The only costs you'll have on board is personal liquor, dinner before we set sail on day one, one dinner on shore, tip for our captain (see below) and any non-scheduled excursions you may opt to take. An airport departure tax of $20 is your responsibility as you leave the country.

HOW TO REACH OUR GROUP: In the event of an emergency, family or friends back home would call the TMM Charter Company at: 1- 284-494-2751. A message would be sent to us. We will have a cell phone on board which may be used by purchasing minutes from the TMM office before we set sail.

Calls are approximately 50 cents  per minute to locations in the USA.

CELL PHONES AND WIFI CONNECTION: Most of you will have  cell service while in the BVIS. You may want to call your provider before you depart to see what the fees are for calls and texting.  Another option is to set up a Skype   account  on a "smart phone"  or laptop before arriving to the BVIs as the boat now offers a wifi though connection via Skype tends to be patchy.

TIPPING: It is customary to tip the captain and crew of our sailboat at the end of the week. $100 per participant would be an appreciated tip. We will pool tips on the last day of the trip.

ILLEGAL DRUG USE: The BVI government has very severe penalties for the use of illegal drugs. Do not bring illegal substances into the BVI's or purchase/use them during this program.