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Kim Powell and a Manatee


Packing List: Florida Springs

___  3-4 T-Shirts                                                                                                         

___  2-3 Pairs of shorts (quick dry work well .i.e. nylon)

___  2 Pair of  long pants ( 1 med rated fleece, 1 pair of  sweat pants or nylon quick dry)

___  1 Bathing suit

___  Rain  gear -jacket  with rain pants or poncho (durable, coated plastic OK such as the style you  can buy at outdoor stores that are not expensive )

___  2 Fleece, capilene or wool sweater - medium rated

___  1 pair of long underwear (top needed)  and bottom (optional)  fleece, silk or capilene)

___  1 Windbreaker or jacket ( or you can use your rain gear jacket as wind breaker).

___  Causal clothes for our dinners out

___  1 warm hat  (i.e. fleece ski cap )

___ 1 Pair of old tennis shoes, Aqua socks/ surf bootys or sandals with a back strap for support -- any style is fine but they will get wet; we don't recommend crocs as they offer little support; We do recommend Keens (such as the Newport H2) for toe protection, Some fins require                  that bootys are worn with them;  please call  if you have any questions about this or consult a dive shop

___ 2 Pairs of  socks --at least one  non cotton and warm. 

___  1 Ball cap or lightweight hat to shade face & ears

___  Underwear

___  Toiletries (toothbrush, paste, lotions,  medications, etc.)

___  Sunscreen ( at least 20 strength)  & chapstick with sunscreen

___  Sunglasses with leash (UV protection)

___  Insect repellent, small amount

___  1 water bottle ( disposable water bottles are not permitted on the Juniper Spring Canoe Run so please bring a Nalgene, Sig or equivalent)

___  2 garbage bags for wet items or waterproofing

____1 Day pack or small duffel -Lined on the inside with a garbage bag- for carrying misc. gear while boating or a dry bag (see below)

___  Mask & Snorkel - check with a local dive shop for proper fit; these can  also be rented at Crystal River ( per day rentals: $8 mask/snorkel)

            Costco may have  inexpensive sets of gear for purchase. Fins are not required but you may bring them along if you own a pair.

        Mask, snorkel and full wetsuits are included on our pontoon boat tours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. On our kayaking/snorkeling days, we will provide  you with a Farmer Jane style wetsuit (full length  but  sleeveless)

        on Monday and Thursday, however  if you need a mask and snorkell gear,  you will need to rent them for these two days. We will make a stop for those who need to rent any gear .If you own a full wetsuit, we would suggest that you bring it along.




Fishing gear- compact                                 Waterprooof Camera our guides and clients like the Olympus Tough Waterproof Series

Binoculars                                                     Mesh dive bag

Ear plugs                                                       Waterproof watch                                          

1-2 Sarongs                                                   Your favorite snack and/or adult beverage-we can  resupply along the way

Bandana or Buff head wear     We have our new "BlueRag" headwear for purchase                

Paddling Gloves                                             

Inexpensive carabiners to attach items in kayak 

Dry bags- or we have some for the group to share

Extra Camera batteries, memory card/charger

Tip for your Blue Water Ventures assistant guide-to be pooled at end of trip


1 Rash Guard -can be worn under your wetsuit for added comfort; found at surf or kayak shops. We like Mysterioso products.  


Please keep in mind that  our rental van will have limited space for luggage. Depending upon the final count, we may have a second vehicle for luggage however, pack light if possible. Our dinners out will be very causal.

Suggested Reading List: Florida Springs


The West Indian Manatee in Florida--produced by Florida Power and Light Co

Manatees and Dugongs of the World-- Jeff Ripple

Peterson’s Guide to Eastern Birds--

Birds of Florida (Smithsonian Handouts)-- Fred J. Alsop

The Marine Biology Coloring Book-- Thomas M. Niesen



The Yearling-- Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Juan Ponce De Leon and the Spanish Discovery of Puerto Rico and Florida--

Robert H. Fuson