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A Warm Water Baja Adventure For Women

In Search of Whale Sharks and Baby Sea Turtles

(hotel based, all meals, lodging, activities included)

November 7th-11th, 2018




Our Baja Adventure begins with the arrival to our hotel in La Paz, Baja California Sur. Most people arrive via San Jose Del Cabo airport and take the scenic 3 hour shuttle into La Paz.   Plan to check into our La Paz hotel anytime after 3:00pm. If you arrive early, you may store your luggage and set off to explore the colorful La Paz waterfront. Our group will gather for dinner at 7:00pm with a more formal orientation in the morning.
(double occupancy room, happy hour and dinner included).


In the morning, you may rent any snorkeling gear that you may need for our action packed days exploring the Sea of Cortez. Our plan is to depart after breakfast in search of Whale Sharks en route to the beautiful sea lion rookery of Los Islotes.


Whale Sharks, the largest fish on the planet can reach a length of over  60 feet. Most of the whale sharks we see in the sheltered

La Paz lagoons are juveniles, 27 feet or less.


In November, whale sharks are commonly sighted in the shallow water off of La Paz and our hope is to swim with these enormous animals.

As fish, whale sharks obtain oxygen through their gills and are not required to breathe at the surface as whales do.

During the fall months, Bahia de la Paz tends to be calm increasing our chances of spotting the shark's massive shape below the water's surface.  

As with most wildlife, encounters are not guaranteed but in November, chances to observe these animals are excellent. After searching for whale sharks, we will travel along the ruggedly scenic Espiritu Santos Island enroute to Los Islotes, a sea lion rookery.

Using a mask and snorkel, we will observe sea lions seemingly fly underwater using their strong front flippers to propel themselves.  Swimming among sea lions is truly an exciting underwater encounter! Sea lions are members of a sub order of marine mammals known as the , Pinnipeds, "feathered" or winged foot" marine mammals.

In the afternoon, we will return to our cozy hotel in La Paz followed by happy hour, dinner and  perhaps music at a local restaurant. (double occupancy room and all meals included).


To learn more about whale sharks please visit: whale sharks   or  more on sharks


Today will include another opportunity to snorkel among the majestic whale sharks. We will also fine a secluded cove to snorkel among the corals and reef fish of the Sea of Cortez, coined the "World's Aquarium" by Jacques Cousteau.

Various species of damselfish, pufferfish and colorful angelfishes find refuge in the rocky reef and coral crevices.

Join a naturalist on an interpretive swim over coral reefs to learn about this incredible marine ecosystem or relax on the beach.

Our afternoon will include a naturalist-led beach walk and exploration of the rich intertidal world.

Tonight we will gather poolside at our hotel for happy hour, perhaps an evening swim and dinner at a local restaurant  found along "The Malecon", La Paz's scenic  waterfront (double occupancy room, happy hour and all meals included).




After breakfast and checking out of our hotel, we will visit the fantastic Museo de Los Ballenas, the Whale Museum which will help us prepare for the next leg of our journey. Our destination today is La Cochora Beach near the quaint artist town of Todos Santos on Baja's Pacific Side.

We will transfer by van to Todos Santos in time to relax and explore our Pacific destination before our arrival to La Cochora Beach.


 At sunset, Grupo Tortuguero de Todos Santos A.C, a local sea turtle conservation project invites the public to participate in the release of baby sea turtles. Born on the beaches of Baja,  sea turtles are extremely vulnerable to predation both on land and in water.  A sea turtle hatchery has been established by a team of local volunteers near La Cochora Beach.

Each year 1000's of baby sea turtles are released into the rugged Pacific Ocean of Baja to start their perilous journey through life. Three species of critically endangered sea turtles nest in the vicinity of Todos Santos: the eastern pacific green sea turtle also referred to as the black sea turtle, the olive ridley and the  leatherback sea turtle. We are excited to share this unique experience with you! (double occupancy room and all meals included).


After breakfast, you will catch  your pre-arranged shuttle service to the San Jose Del Cabo airport, an hour or so from Todos Santos. If you select an afternoon flight, you may have several hours to explore the quaint town of Todos Santos before departing (breakfast included).


Local community members help release Olive Ridley Sea Turtles, Todos Santos