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Getting to Cuba

November 9th-18th, 2017

( with an evening departure on November 8th)


On our first Cuban  Adventure, we are partnered with Pacific Harbor Travel in Santa Cruz to help navigate some of the legal components of traveling to Cuba. Pacific Harbor Travel has offered several highly successful trips to Cuba. Candace Cada, who is our contact has been extremely helpful. She works Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays. The number to call is: 831 427-5000 and her email is: candace@pacificharbortravel.com. Candace has traveled and hosted trips to Cuba for PHT. Her insights have been invaluable as we create our first blue water program to Cuba.

Candace has locked in a group fare and schedule for us, a group fare based on 10 people. If there are fewer than 10, we will no longer get a group rate. Pacific Harbor Travel will need your credit card number and passport number. We will be sending you other documents to sign and instructions on how to obtain a visa.

The group fare on American Airlines is $597.16 plus a $70  standard service fee when booking through a travel agent

Flight Schedule:

Departure on the Evening of November 8th, 2017

Depart SFO American Flight  #898 November 8th at 10:20pm arrive Charlotte 6:11am (next day)
Depart Charlotte American Flight #801November 9th at 9:30am arrive Havana 12:00pm

Return on November 18th, 2017
Depart Havana  American flight #802 November 18th at 1:00pm arrive Charlotte 3:35pm
Depart Charlotte American flight #721 6:25pm arrive SFO 9:19pm

I am sorry but with group travel, you will not be able to use miles or change from the schedule outlined above. However you may change or upgrade your seat.  Details below.

Candace will also help you secure the Mandatory Trip Insurance. We typically point people to the World Wide Protection Plan but there is also a plan “ cancel for any reason” and she can explain the benefits of both.

Seat Assignments
You may call American Airlines to get your seat assignment. They have provided that information to me as well so feel free to email me as an alternative.

If you would like to change or upgrade your seat (i.e. more leg room) you will need to call American Airlines at: 800 433 1790. Our record locator is: AIIFSH.

To make a change you will need to request a new record locator when you upgrade your seat. This is easy to do and you may pay for the upgrade directly with American Airlines.

The majority of our seats are window or aisle and are in close proximity to each other.


More About Our Flight Selection

When we locked in our group flight in May, the  American Airlines flight we booked offered the best connection and seats were already limited
At the time, several other airlines were offering trips to Havana. However, there was speculation in the travel industry that some airlines might pull out of the Cuba market as our president began to impose greater restrictions for travel.

Several of you asked about  traveling with Alaska Airlines via LAX.

When we were securing flights, the Alaska Flight would have required spending the night in LA both directions due to very tight connections between the Bay Area and LAX.

While some of you might have opted to take the chance on a close connection, as an outfitter, I could not risk suggesting the tight connection.

We opted to go with the best flight available at the time of booking and avoid the inconvenience of over night stays or missed connections in LA.