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Getting to Cuba

April 26th-May 5th, 2018

Over the last few months, several airlines have pulled out of the Cuban Market as the current US  administration has increased restrictions for Americans who wish to visit this extraordinary destination. For this reason, we are directing people to  book with American Airlines who continues to have a strong hold on the Cuban Market. As you search flights, you will see there are other operators including United, Jet Blue and Copa Airlines.

Our trip begins at 8:30pm in Havana International airport on April 26th as you clear customs in Havana.  For those traveling from the San Francisco Bay area, we recommend considering this route:

On November 9th, 2017 new government regulations for travel to Cuba came into affect and may be reviewed here: OFFAC Regulations. If you scroll down to the heading: People to People Travel, you will see that group travel is legally permitted however, individual travel is no longer an option.


With that said, we do not recommend that you extend your trip to Cuba by adding additional days before or after our trip. Individual Travel is in direct violation with OFFAC, the Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control. We can not offer suggestions for travel to Cuba beyond our legal 10 Day People to People Group Tour.


On our first Cuban  Adventure, we were partnered with Pacific Harbor Travel in Santa Cruz who helped us navigate some of the legal components of traveling to Cuba. Pacific Harbor Travel has offered several highly successful trips to Cuba. You may book your flight by contacting Pacific Harbor Travel at: 831 427 5000,

online at

American Airlines or by calling America Airlines at: 800 433 7300. Pacific Harbor Travel will also help you select the Mandatory Trip Insurance.


   Please do not book your flights or purchase trip insurance until you have emailed us to check trip status