Dear Women

Welcome to ourfabulous day together on April 21st visiting the seal pups of Ano Nuevo State Reserve and the Tidepools of Davenport Landing hosted by Betty's List and Blue Water Ventures.   10:00am-5:30pm  early bird special ~$65

We invite you to join our team of naturalist as we hike to Ano Nuevo State Reserve, an area rich in cultural and natural history. In April, elephant seal pups, or 'weaners" form playful aggregations known as "weaner pods" on the remote beaches of Ano Nuevo. Female seals will be returning to the beaches to molt and there may be some large males still visible. We will hike through this State Park jewel to view these amazing animals learning about their ecology and behavior. The Ano Nuevo area was once a large settlement site for the Ohlone Indians. Our day will include examining a shell midden left by these early Native Americans. After hiking to Ano Nuevo, you will have the option to join your naturalist as we explore the tidepools of historic Davenport Landing.

To Register and for more details,  contact Kim Powell at:

Early Bird Rate postmarked by March 8th please send a check  for $65 made payable to Blue Water Ventures to: 127 Mason Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060 or you may pay via pay pal at:  After March 8th, the fee for the day is $75.

On April 21st, we will hike rain or shine, but not in a heavy downpour. Light rains do not cancel our day so please come prepared! Refunds are given if we cancel the trip due to heavy rains which are unlikely in April. 

Make it a weekend of naturalist-led adventures and join us Whale Watching on April 22nd!


Additional Fees
$10 parking fee at Ano Nuevo State Reserve; lunch at Road House Cafe in Davenport or bring a picnic lunch

How to Dress:
Please be prepared for a hot sunny day or a cool fog laden one. Dress in layers with an outer shell such as a windbreaker. Please bring a lunch and water bottle on the hike. Be sure to have sunscreen. Cameras and binoculars packed in a daypack with a garbage bag inside in case it rains is recommended. Hiking shoes or a sturdy tennis shoe for walking over sand are needed. You will need shoes that can get wet ( no flip flops) for tidepooling at Davenport Landing. Sandals with a back strap and some tread are acceptable for tidepooling.

Distance We Will Hike
Ano Nuevo: 3 1/2 miles round trip over sand with some elevation gain while hiking over sand dunes; some cardiovascular conditioning suggested
Davenport Landing: 1/2-1 mile round trip over sand; leisurely pace

Timing Of Day
10:00am-11:30pm: Tidepooling at Davenport Landing which is south of Ano Nuevo and about one mile north of Davenport town off of Highway One; park near the bathrooms and entrance to the beach. We will gather up on the bluffs past the bathrooms facing the beach. 335 Davenport Landing Road, Davenport, Ca 95017 Get Directions

Noon-1:30pm:  Lunch together at Road House Cafe in Davenport


2:00pm -5:30pm Hiking at Ano Nuevo State Reserve. The reserve is located about 90 minutes south of San Francisco off of Highway One. The entrance is 12 miles south of Pescadero Road, 3 miles south of Rossi Road, and just north of the San Mateo/Santa Cruz County border. For more details, please visit Ano Nuevo,


We are looking forward to our adventure together to view the Elephant Seals of Ano Nuevo and beyond!

Very Sincerely,

Kim Powell, MRPA
Owner, Operator & Naturalist
Blue Water Ventures
phone & fax: 831-459-8548

127 Mason St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060