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Destination: Tonga

Deposits, Cancellation Policy and Trip Insurance

Trip Cost:  9-14 guest: $4275    7-8 guest: $4775

(Our Tonga program has sold out each year)

TRIP COST: Includes all lodging in Tonga, all meals, six in country flights, van and boat transfers, six whale watching excursions, guided island hike, guided snorkeling and intertidal exploration trips,

most in country tips, scheduled cultural activities,

all planned activities as described in the itinerary, entrance fees and permits.

The price does not include international airfare, any hotel or transfer arrangements outside of Tonga, mandatory trip insurance, phone calls, unscheduled boat excursions, scuba diving,

activities not described in the itinerary, personal liquor, $125 tip collected for our Tongan Guides, airport departure taxes, evacuation costs, medical costs, meals in airports or excess baggage fees.

Due to the complexity of arranging foreign programs the following cancellation policy is required.

If cancellations are made before November 14th, you will be granted a full refund minus a $200 nonrefundable cancellation fee.

If cancellations are made over 150 days prior to the starting date of the program, you will be granted a full refund of the trip minus a

$500 processing fee that covers a portion of domestic flights pre arranged and paid.

 If cancellations are made less than 150 days prior to the starting date, no refunds will be granted.



Blue Water Ventures (BWV) requires that participants purchase Travel
Insurance for our Tongan Program. Travel Insurance is a very affordable tool to protect your investment.

Over the years, I've had several clients who have used their travel insurance and they were fully refunded for both the flight and cost of the trip. On the flip side, I've had people lose the full value of a trip because a medical situation developed or an unexpected family emergency happened back home such as an ailing family member.

Travel insurance will also cover medical evacuations and expenses during a trip, a cost that we can not cover for you. Travel insurance would cover the cost of getting you back home if a family member became ill and you needed to leave the trip for that reason. This is covered under the trip interruption clause.

Travel insurance will also help cover unexpected travel related issues during the program. For example, if an in country flight is delayed due to weather or otherwise, we could potentially miss our international connection. Travel insurance would help cover such unexpected issues.

We are directing our clients to Pacific Harbor Travel   (831) 427- 5000. By using a local Santa Cruz business, we have an extra layer of protection, a reliable agency that can help advise us if we need to make a travel insurance claim.

The great staff at Pacific Harbor Travel can review the policies with you and help you select the policy that suits you best. Most clients purchase Travel Insured's World Wide Trip Protector Plan which is very affordable. Pacific Harbor travel may also help you book your flights.

     Travel insurance must be purchased within 15 days of  first payment to Blue Water Ventures or purchase of an airlines ticket.

Evacuations: Travel insurance is also highly recommended in the event that you require an evacuation

due to a medical condition, family emergency back home or any other reason.

All costs for such evacuations and/or medical treatments are the responsibility of each participant.

Please travel with a credit card in the event that payments are required for an evacuation or medical treatment.

We can not make  any exceptions to our cancellation policy so please protect your travel plans by purchasing travel insurance.

BWV is not responsible for any expenses incurred by participants related to a canceled program or one they participated in, costs such as airline tickets, flight change fees, lost luggage, missed flights, visa fees, transportation, lodging, etc. BWV reserves the right to cancel a trip before it's departure date for any reason including insufficient participation. Blue Water Ventures does not assume responsibility for program changes or trip cancellations due to situations such as those related to weather, natural disasters or political events (i.e. war) or any other reason. Furthermore, BWV is not responsible for changes in private or governmental sectors, both at the domestic and international level, that may effect this trip.

Please be sure to mark your calendars.

$200 Non-refundable reservation fee is due upon registration

   $500 Deposit Due: November 12th

 $1500 Deposit Due: January 12th

     $1500  Deposit Due:  February 20th
    Balance Due: April 12th

Please send all payments in the form of personal checks or money orders to:
Blue Water Ventures, 127 Mason St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060

If you would like to pay a portion of your trip using PayPal,
Please visit our Payment Center

Please be sure to mark your calendars.

$206 Non-refundable reservation fee is due upon registration

   $515 Deposit Due: November 12th

 $1545 Deposit Due: January 12th

    $1545 Deposit Due: February 20th
   Balance Due: April 12th
an additional 3% is added to cover PayPal's service fee.

(rather than building a 3% increase into the trip cost, we have given people the option to pay by check

and avoid this service fee).