Our Great Baja Adventure 2010

Day One: To La Paz

Welcome to Baja!

We meet on the vernada for Happy Hour

Dinner on the Beach at Papas y Fritas


Day Two: To Espiritu Santos Island

Off we go to the island!

Flipping Mantas

Bluefin Tuna feeding frenzy

Mother/calf Humpback whales!

The invertebrate hunt at low tide begins!

    *  Pencil urchins                                   * Mantis shrimp burrows

    *  Sea Cucumbers                                * Sponges

    *  Colonial planter wort anemone    * Nundibranchs and Sea slugs--cool!

     * Moon snails                                       * Black coral

    *  Briitle sea stars      

    *  Moon collar snail egg case

Fridate birds soaring

Brown Boobies

Osprey                                                            Blue Footed Boobies

Kayaking with whales                                 Whale Flukes

Ring Tail Cats                                                Ice Cream Catcus 

Sunset over our island


Day Three: To Los Islotes

No Fish fishing trip

Baby Humpback near camp

Cormorants hunting under water

Venomville--scorpion fish everywhere!

Mysterious blue flecks--Kim and Carlos baffled!

Orange cupped corals 

Seal Nibbles




Day Four: Back to La Paz

Rain Showers

Freezing ride in the desert

meeting the federales-prepare to be boarded

Navy ships

snorkelers and the dolphins

Green Back herons

Breaching hump backs

Large school of Fish

Close encounters with baby humpys

blue footed boobies

Iguanas at well and beyond

boulder hopping

Back to La Paz and sort of hot showers

Azure parrotfisg

Giant Damsel

Jenna packs it in and packs it out.....






Day Five: To Magdelena Bay


Day Six: Whale Camp

Day Seven: Whale Camp

Day Eight: Whale Camp


Day Nine: Back To La Paz

Day Ten: Homeward Bound