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         Image by Ron Leidich Courtesy of Planet Blue Sea Kyaking Tours           



Our 12 day adventure in Palau includes 4 nights of lodging and 5 nights/6 days of skiff supported, luxury style camping as we sea kayak through the Rock Islands of Palau. Accommodations are provided from our departure in San Francisco on November 7th through our return to San Francisco on November 19th (those on the dive extension depart San Francisco on November 4th).

LAX Airport Hotel:  Double occupancy rooms at the Travel Lodge conveniently located near the Los Angeles international airport. On Nov7th, the group departs San Francisco at 6:35pm and arrives into LAX at 7:55pm with transfer to the hotel provided. For those on the dive extension, same itinerary with an overnight on November 4th.

Koror: Double occupancy, air conditioned rooms at the Cliffside Hotel  with sweeping views of Koror Lagoon. We arrive at 8:40pm on November 9th and transfer to our hotel for the next 2 nights (those on the dive extension arrive on November 6th). All meals provided upon arrival and throughout Palau; adult beverages found at the poolside bar are on your own.

Peleilu Island: Double occupancy beach side cabanas at the Dolphin Bay Resort on historic Peleilu Island.

Luxury Expedition Camping: Looking for the ultimate expedition kayak camping trip that requires little effort? A luxury camping experience awaits you in Palau! Our boat support and Palauan crew will bring all food and camping gear to our various campsites. During our 6 days of island hopping, we will move camp several times allowing us to see the very best that the Rock Islands have to offer. Walk in style, spacious tents with folding beds are provided. For couples who wish to sleep arm in arm, inflatable queen size air mattresses are available. Bedding, sheets and a small camp pillow are provided or you may bring your own pillow. Solar powered showers, a dining area with table and chairs and a portable toilet enclosed in a privacy tent add to our camping comfort.

PLANET BLUE, OUR PALAU BASED OUTFITTER: We are thrilled to be under the care of Planet Blue Sea Kayak Tours while we explore the wonders of Palau. Like Blue Water Ventures, Planet Blue provides naturalist-led adventures and active vacations with an educational focus. Our naturalist guides from Planet Blue have an excellent reputation for water safety, client care and imparting natural history lessons. In addition to our naturalist, we will be joined by a Palauan support crew and Head Chef.

FLIGHT INFORMATION: You may review the details of our flight arrangements by visiting Travel info


LUGGAGE: A medium to large duffel bag is recommended. Our support boat will take our luggage to camp in water tight containers so there is no need to waterproof your gear. You will be given dry bags and a watertight pelican box for items such as binoculars and cameras to use during the day while kayaking. Each day, you will only carry the following personal items in your dry bag or pelican box: Mask, fins and snorkels, hat. sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottle, hiking shoes, water shoes, long sleeve shirt, sarong, towel, water bottle, binoculars and cameras.

MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS: The country of Palau does not require any specific immunizations for entry. As a general precaution while traveling out of country, please consider checking the status of your Tetanus-diphtheria and Hepatitis A vaccine. Please consult your physician regarding your trip. All medical precautions are the decision of each participant.

While experience in kayaking, snorkeling or hiking is not required to participate in this program, good general health is recommended. Your guides will offer a variety of excursions each day for those who want to keep active. Some level of upper body conditioning is advisable to prepare for kayaking and snorkeling.


  Image by Ron Leidich Courtesy of Planet Blue Sea Kyaking Tours  

Snorkeling, sea kayaking, night snorkeling, fishing, foraging, beachcombing, naturali history talks, hiking to historical sites with guided interpretation and eating great food are all included. Our hikes are relatively easy with harder hikes optional. Our sea kayaking destinations range from a few hundred yards to 5 miles depending upon the strengths and interest of our group.

You will have the option to paddle a single or double sit on top kayak during the program. These kayaks are ideal for exploring the warm, inviting clear water of Palau. Just slide off your boat with your mask and snorkel when you want to see what's underneath you! Everyone will be checked out on kayaking skills and safety before getting underway.

With a porous limestone base, the Rock islands are not a haven for mosquitoes as there is little freshwater pools where biting insects breed. As a precaution, please bring repellent. A layer of lightweight, light in color clothing is an effective defense against insects and provides good sun protection.

CAMERAS, CELL PHONES, ETC: If using a digital camera, please bring enough battery power to use during the 6 days that we are island camping (no electricity for charging batteries is available). Our Palauan guides carry cell phones for emergency use only. If daily contact is required while traveling, we recommend  renting a satellite phone from the United States before our trip departure.

At each hotel or camping area you will be briefed on policies towards drinking water. Obviously, we are extremely cautious with water consumption. While camping our drinking water is bottled. Our hotels will provide bottled or purified water.

November is considered one of the driest months in Palau, however we may encounter moderate down pours. Good rain gear is required. Temperatures should be reasonably pleasant with day time highs in the mid 80's. Water temperature will be around 80 degrees. Bring a waterproof sun block/lip balm with a protection factor of 20 or higher.

Loose fitting cotton or quick drying nylon work well in the tropics. Lighter colors seem more comfortable in the heat. Jeans take too long to dry out and are not recommended. Laundry is done by hand as needed by each participant.

LOCAL CUISINE: Our Head Chef will provide a variety of well balanced delicious meals that will enhance our cultural experience. Our Palauan crew grew up fishing the blue waters and will provide us with fresh seafood. Vegetarian meals can be arranged upon request. Please specify any dietary restrictions or allergies on the registration form that will be sent to you.

PASSPORTS: Everyone is required to have a current passport for entry into Palau. It usually takes 6-8 weeks to process a passport. For information on obtaining a passport, please visit: passports   where you can also find information on how to obtain a passport quickly. Most post offices provide the service to process US passports.

MONEY: You may exchange money in Koror before we depart on our kayaking expedition. The only costs you are responsible for during our program are: airport baggage fees, phone calls, unscheduled boat excursions, activities not described in the itinerary, personal liquor, tips for our Palauan Crew and a departure tax of $40.

It is customary to tip our Palauan crew as we depart our adventure. If you feel as though they have served you well, we would like to recommend a tip of $40-$60 from each of us.

SNORKELING IN PALAU: Palau has world class snorkeling and is known for it's extraordinary bio diversity. To review details for the dive extension and to see some great underwater photography click here: Dive Palau

MAP OF PALAU: click map


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IN CASE OF EMERGENCY   In the event of an emergency,a high speed motor boat is accompanies our group throughout the trip allowing us to be within an hours reach from good medical facilities.  Our group may be reached by calling headquarters in Koror at: 011-680-488-5240 (emergencies only).

ILLEGAL DRUG USE: The Palau government has very severe penalties for the use of illegal drugs. Do not bring illegal substances into Palau or purchase/use them during this program.


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