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                                                       Image by Ron Leidich Courtesy of Sam's Tours                                                                                                Image by Ron Leidich Courtesy of Sam's Tours


___ Passport
___ Rain gear (durable, non plastic style--top and bottom )
___ 1-2 Bathing suits
___ 4-5 T-Shirts
___ 2 Long-sleeved shirts (quick dry and light weight; cotton is ok)
___ 4 Pairs of shorts (quick dry and light weight )
___ 2 Pairs of lightweight long pants (leotards are good for sunburn prevention & surgical scrubs are great in the jungle)
___ 1 lightweight sweatshirt  made of capilene/fleece or other synthetic material that keeps the body warm even when wet

___ Windbreaker
___ 1 Pair of hiking shoes (either a sturdy tennis shoe or hiking boot )
___ 1 Pair of old tennis shoes, Aqua socks/ surf booties or sandals that are attached with a heel strap that can get wet/dirty
___ 2 Pairs of socks (for hiking and to use with fins if needed)
___ 2 Bath towels (sarongs are nice to have instead of bulky beach towels)
___ Bandana (very versatile item; can be worn as a "do rag" among other things)

__ Daypack --compact, for personal items when hiking
___ Underwear
___ Toiletries (toothbrush, paste, lotions, aloe, etc,)
___ Sunscreen ( 20 or higher strength) & lip balm with sunscreen
___ Sunglasses with leash
___ Hat with visor or wide rim
___ Insect repellent (non aerosol pump) Anti- itch cream (i.e. benedral) - for insect bites
__ Foot powder- small amount 3 oz.
___ Personal medicines ( anti diarrhea,bandaids,neosporine, pain reliever)
___ Joy dishwashing soap for laundry and saltwater baths

__ Quart size water bottle- we suggest a non plastic bottle such as a Sigg
___ Duffel bag
for your clothing and other personal gear
___ Mask fins & snorkel - check with a local dive shop for proper fit
___ 3 Garbage bags & 4 1 gallon ziplocs for organizing stuff
___ Flashlight or head lamp and extra batteries
___ Clothes pins and line

___ Clothes to travel home in


Fishing gear- compact; our Plauan guies will also have gear for us to use                                                                                                                    

Camera/film --use at your own risk; waterproof disposables work well;

    we provide a pelican dry box for your use during the week                                                        

Binoculars                                                                                                                                       Journal with pens or colored pens/ watercolor  set

Rash Guard Shirt-for added warmth in water and/or sun protection                                              1 Pair of flip flops

Ear plugs                                                                                                                                          Waterproof flashlight or dive light

1-2 Sarongs                                                                                                                                      Waterproof watch

Your Favorite Adult Beverage-can be purchased in Koror before we depart                               Dry Bags for personal gear; or use the dry bag and pelican box

Scuba Dive Cert. Card -- for people on the diving extension                                                                       that you will be issued for use while kayaking

Personal Scuba Diving gear- or everything can be rented on site                                                Extra camera batteries and memory cards

Just in case your luggage is misplaced during airplane transfers, pack the following in a carry on bag: mask & snorkel, 1 pair of shorts, 1 t-shirt, bathing suit, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 pair of pants, camera, sunscreen, essential toiletries and personal medications.


  Image by Ron Leidich Courtesy of Sam's Tours



Reef Fish Identification, Tropical Pacific -- Paul Humann; Ned Deloach; Gerald Allen; Roger Steene   To purchase online visit:  Books  or Amazon Deals

Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Palau (Lonely Planet Diving & Snorkeling Guides) Tim Rock; Francis Toribiong  To purchase online visit: More Books

The Snorkeller's Guide to the Coral Reef, From the Red Sea to the Pacific Ocean -- Paddy Ryan; Peter Atkinson   To purchase online visit:  Books

The Marine Biology Coloring Book-- Thomas M. Niesen


The Edge of Paradise, America in Micronesia -- P. K. Kluge   To purchase online visit:  Books

Moon Handbook Micronesia -- Neil Levy  To purchase online visit:  Books  

The Happy Isles of Oceania, Paddling the Pacific, Paul Theroux  To purchase online visit:  Books and search title


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