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Dear Women:

Welcome to our incredible day together visiting the elephant seals of Ano Nuevo State Reserve and the tidepools of Natural Bridges with Betty's List and Blue Water Ventures.

On Saturday, February 27th, we will hike rain or shine to experience the wonders of Ano Nuevo State Reserve.  Each winter thousands of  northern elephants seals arrive to the remote beaches of Ano Nuevo. The massive alpha males, some weighing over 5000 pounds establish territories recruiting females into their harems. Soon after arrival, the females give birth to a single pup. In late February, we expect to see males negotiating their territory with other males, nursing pups and devoted mother seals. Ano Nuevo State Reserve is the largest mainland breeding colony of the northern elephant seal in the  world and is a spectacular wildlife encounter.

Later in the day, join your naturalist as we explore the tidepools of Natural Bridges followed by dinner at the Crows Nest in scenic Santa Cruz Harbor.

The deadline for the Early Bird Reservation is Friday, February 5th and reservations are confirmed as checks are received. Space is limited so we encourage you to reserve your spot as early as you can!

 To register for this amazing day, please go to:  Betty's List

To confirm your place on this trip, please send a check in the amount of $65 per person if postmarked by February 5th to : Sullivan Communications/Bettys List, 2216 Market St. #309, San Francisco, CA 94114.

Trip cost, if postmarked after February 5th is $75 per person

How to Dress:
Please be prepared for all types of weather including  sun, fog, rain and wind. Dress in layers with an outer shell such as a windbreaker. If rain is in the forecast please bring rain gear, top and bottom. Synthetic materials such as fleece, silk or capilene will keep you warmer than cotton. Be sure to have sunscreen. Cameras and binoculars packed in a daypack with a garbage bag inside in case it rains is recommended.  At Ano Nuevo, pets are not allowed to be left in cars and umbrellas may not be used on trails.  Heavy rain will not cancel our walk and no refunds are given so please come prepared!

Hiking shoes or a sturdy tennis shoe for walking over sand are needed. You will need shoes that can get wet for later in the day when we tidepool at Natural Bridges. Wetsuit booties with tread or sandals with a back strap and some tread are acceptable for tidepooling (no flip flops or Crocks).

Additional Fees
$6 parking fee at Ano Nuevo State Reserve; everyone brings own picnic lunch or  you may join us for lunch and dinner at local restaurants

Distances We Will Traverse
Ano Nuevo: 3 1/2 miles round trip over sand with some elevation gain while hiking over sand dunes; some cardiovascular conditioning suggested
Natural Bridges : 1 1/2  mile round trip over trail and some sand; leisurely pace

Timing Of Day
8:30 AM - 9:00AM  Meet at Ano Nuevo State Reserve with orientation to our day's adventure and sign waivers.  Please allow plenty of time to arrive to Ano Nuevo. Guided hikes will leave on time; no refunds if you are late! The reserve is located about 90 minutes south of San Francisco off of Highway One. The entrance is 12 miles south of Pescadero Road, 3 miles south of Rossi Road, and just north of the San Mateo/Santa Cruz County border. Get Directions Here

9:15AM -12:30 PM - Hiking at Ano Nuevo State Reserve with the option to bring a picnic lunch for after our hike or to have a group lunch at the Roadhouse Cafe in Davenport, south of Ano Nuevo.

12:30PM - 2:30PM  Picnic lunch at Ano Nuevo or dining at the Road House Cafe located at: 1 Davenport Avenue, Davenport, CA. It is right off of Highway One in the quaint town of Davenport. The Arros Deli and US Post Office are a few blocks north of the Road House Cafe in Davenport. For more detailed directions please visit  The Road House Cafe  (831-426-8801).

3:00PM - 5:00PM Tidepooling at Natural Bridges which is south of Ano Nuevo and on the west side of Santa Cruz. We will caravan there from the Roadhouse Cafe  departing at 2:30pm. More details of where we will meet for tidepoolimg will be given to you at our lunch break.

6:00PM Optional  group dinner at the Crows Nest in Santa Cruz Harbor with beautiful waterfront dining

We are looking forward to our adventure together to view the Elephant Seals of Ano Nuevo and beyond!

Very Sincerely,

Kim Powell, MRPA
Owner, Operator and Naturalist
Blue Water Ventures
phone & fax: 831-459-8548
email: bluewaterventures@sbcglobal.net
108 Mason St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060