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13 Day Belize Field Trip for Students:
Rain Forest, Reefs and Cave Exploration

A Natural History and Cultural Adventure


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          15-22 students: $2500 per student

           (includes one teacher chaperone free)

Trip Highlights:
* Sea Kayaking and snorkeling along the spectacular Barrier Reef of Belize

* 6 nights on a tropical island. Daily activities to choose from include: naturalist-led snorkeling,
finding treasures washed ashore, reading a book, laying in a hammock, floating, research time
husking a coconut, helping our Mayan and Garifuna cooks prepare tortillas.

* Living in an island hut lit by the light of the moon or a lantern
with no electrical currents, computers or cell phones!

* Spelunking and tubing through a Mayan ceremonial cave

* Kayaking down a remote jungle river through a series of 9 underground caves

Visiting the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the world's only preserve to protect the highly endangered Jaguar

Sharing meals and an evening with a host family in the Maya Center on the edge of the Belizean jungle

* Snorkeling The Wall, Glover's Reef Atoll
( a dramatic and sheer drop to 2500', right off shore from our huts!)

Dancing with the Garifuna children of Hopkins Village

Meeting Aurora Saqui, a renown Mayan healer and long time friend

* Conversing with Eulalia Pop and Merlene Castillo, our Belizean friends who will join the adventure as our cooks

Trip includes:
12 nights of lodging, all meals, transportation in Belize, educational curriculum, entrance and governmental fees,

all planned naturalist-led activities as described in the itinerary, guided kayaking, snorkeling and hiking trips, kayaking instructional clinics by an ACA certified instructor (airfare to Belize not included)

To discuss program
email Kim Powell at  or call Kim at: 831 459 8548