Guide Stephanie Schipper welcoming the moon rise over Monterey Bay National Marine Sancturay

Dear Sea Kayakers

Encompassing 5,322 square miles of ocean, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary supports one of the planet's most biologically diverse marine ecosystems. We plan to kayak above the canopy of a kelp forest as we look for some of its residents. Sunset is a magical time to be on the bay. The winds tend to drop and the water becomes glossy as we await the arrival of the full moon. We will be searching the water for commonly seen animals such as sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions and sea birds.

This trip is appropriate for beginners or people with some experience kayaking. Our approach to this trip is conservative, but we may experience some ocean swell and/or chop. We will be using double sea kayaks which are very stable and easy to use.

To confirm your place on this trip, please send a check in the amount of  $70 per person (children ages 10 years or older) to: Blue Water Ventures, 127 Mason Street, Santa Cruz Ca 95060. Refunds are given when cancellations are made at least 7 days in advance of trip date.

You may also pay for the trip using a Card Credit via Pay Pal. Please visit our secure online Payment Center for instructions.

Our group will meet at the Santa Cruz Harbor small boat ramp at 6:00pm on _______ (on the opposite side of the harbor from the Crow's Nest; see directions below). Bring $5 dollars or a credit card to to pay for parking in the public parking area.  Anticipate being off the water around 9:00pm.

As far as things to bring, here are a few suggestions I can offer:

* Dress in layers -- Fleece, capilene, silk or wool are good insulators; bring a warm top that can be put on as evening approaches; a sweatshirt is adequate.
* Long pants sweat pants that can be rolled up work well; an outer shell of nylon material dries quickly, but jeans get soggy and are not recommended.
* Wind breaker or paddling jacket
* Footgear
- tennis shoes, Teva type sandals or wet suit booties -- any style is fine; they may get wet as we launch your boat.
* Hat with visor for sun protection
* Water bottle
* Snack in a compact lunch bag or ziploc--take in boat with you
* Flashlight or headlamp
* Sun glasses
(or prescription glasses) attached with a leash
* Binoculars and camera in waterproof bag ( use at your own risk); disposable cameras work well.
* Small, compact daypack (optional)
* Change of clothes to be left in car
* Sea Sickness Medication if you are prone to sea sickness, we recommend taking some form of prevention. Your local pharmacist or physician can give you advice. Bonine taken the night before has worked for many. Drowsiness or thirst can be a side effect. Some clients have used Sea Bands which employ a pressure point on the wrists rather than medication. Sea bands have no side effects and can be purchased at most dive shops.

That covers the logistics for Our Monterey Bay Full Moon Tour! A full refund will be given if the trip is cancelled due to inclement weather ( high winds or rain; not light mist or fog). Release forms will be discussed and signed before launching our boats. We are looking forward to our adventure together in the Sanctuary.

Very Sincerely,

Kim Powell, MRPA
Owner, Operator & Naturalist
Blue Water Ventures
phone & fax: 831-459-8548
108 Mason St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(West Side of Santa Cruz Harbor on the opposite side from the Crow's Nest)

* From Highway 17 take the Ocean Street Exit (if you are traveling from San Jose, Hwy 17 becomes Ocean Street)

* Left on East Cliff Drive (Ocean Street will dead end at East Cliff Drive which becomes Murray)

* Right on Seabright Ave (Betty's Burger and Seabright Brewery are located here)

* Left on Atlantic Ave (sign says: West Harbor)--just a few blocks down on Seabright

* Left on Mariner Parkway/Santa Cruz Harbor (if you kept going you would run into Aldos
Restaurant--616 Atlantic Ave. Santa Cruz, Ca 95062
if you want to use map quest)

Follow the road down along the harbor; we will meet at the Small Boat Ramp, just past the F Dock;

You will see kayaks stored near this boat ramp and the US Coast Guard Station Sign behind the boat ramp.

On the day of the trip Kim Powell can be reached on her cell phone at: 831-345-2417