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The gray tail of a baby beluga whale  Photo by Kim Powell


ACCOMMODATIONS: During our stay in Churchill on the edge of the magnificent Hudson Bay, we will be based at the Polar Boutique Inn & Suites. Owned by a local family of multiple generations, our comfortable hotel provides double occupancy rooms and a hearty continental style breakfast each morning. The "Polar Inn" is also headquarters for our primary outfitter while in Churchill, Sea North Tours.  On July 27th, we have booked the Holiday Inn Express Polo Park in Winnipeg which includes a warm breakfast on July 28th. This comfortable hotel is conveniently located near both the Winnipeg Airport and Assiniboine Park, home of the Leatherdale International Polar Bear Conservation Centre . These are optional visits on the morning of July 28th which are highly recommended.


Please be sure to book your Winnipeg accommodations for July 21st. We have scouted and recommend the Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Center, however the choice is yours. This lovely hotel is also located near the Winnipeg airport and features Chicago Joe's Restaurant and Sports Bar. If traveling without a companion and you would like to book July 21st with your "hotel mate" while in Churchill, please email Kim Powell at: The Holiday Inn Express mentioned above is another option but it doesn't have a restauarnt or bar on property which doesn't affect our late arrival on the 27th.


OUR CANADIAN BASED OUTFITERS: We are thrilled to be under the primary care of Sea North Tours while in Churchill. Like Blue Water Ventures, Sea North provides an array of outdoor adventures with an educational focus. Committed to the conservation and well being of beluga whales, Sea North is the only Churchill outfitter using prop free  engines or those with prop guards eliminating any moving parts below the water.  Additionally, we will be under the guidance of North Star Tours for our narrated land adventures. While paddle boarding we are so pleased to be joined by Erin Greene, owner of SUP North. Her love for the beluga whales from the intimate perspective of a paddle board shines through during her tours.  For those of you who want to meet the canine crew and learn about the history of dog sledding, we will join Waspusk Adventures. On a very special day, we will join Frontiers North and their Tundra Buggy Adventure.   Finally, while hiking we will be under the expert care and safety of Nanuk Operations. During our 2018 scouting trip to Churchill we learned a great deal and made some truly great connections. We are so pleased to offer the finest line up of professional outfitters.


WILDLIFE SURROUNDING CHURCHILL Virtually twice the size of Texas, the magnificent Hudson Bay and its surrounding terrestrial habitats supports an incredibly diverse array of flora and fauna. The boreal forest, and expansive tundra creates habitat for over 500 species of arctic wild flowers providing an explosion of color during  the month of July.   Over 200 migratory or nesting birds are found in this region. A variety of arctic mammals may be seen such as arctic fox, moose arctic hare and polar bears. As the Hudson Bay begins to melt, polar bears  come ashore and wander along the edges of this expansive bay in what is known as a walking hibernation. During mid July polar bears eat very little, rest along the edges of the bay and sometimes wander into the town of Churchill. Each day, we will remain alert to the possibility of seeing polar bears and other arctic species. However, the peak time of year to view the magnificent white bear is during the fall months with sightings less common during the summer months. By July, over 3000 beluga whales enter into the Churchill Estuary and each day, we will view these magnificent creatures. Though rare, other marine mammals recorded in the Churchill region include orcas, bowhead whales, minke whales, ringed seals and walruses. Harbor seals are the most common pinniped utilizing the biologically rich  and expansive estuary. The Churchill region is home to approximately 40 mammals, many of which are classifed as marine mammals luding the majestic and revered polar bear.


MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS: Canada does not require any specific immunizations for entry. For updates on travel to Canada please visit the The Center of Disease Control (CDC) Canada which recommends up to date routine vaccinations. These vaccines include measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine, Hepatitis A and your yearly flu shot. Please consult your physician regarding your trip. All medical precautions are the decision of each participant. Be sure to pack all medications in the original prescription package or bottle to avoid problems while clearing customs.


CLIMATE: The average July temperatures in the Churchill area hover in the mid 50's during the day and mid 40's at night. Warmer or cooler temperatures are possible with windy and cool conditions quite possible while boating. We may experience sunny, windy, rainy or stormy conditions so layering with warm clothing, a warm hat and proper rain gear is required. For current weather conditions, please visit Weather Now. In July the days are long with an average of  18 hours and 22 minutes of daylight each and every day!

PHYSICAL CONDITIONING: While experience in kayaking, hiking or paddle boarding is not required to participate in this program, good general health is recommended. Some level of upper body conditioning is advisable to prepare for a variety of water sports. Please call us if you have any questions regarding the activities planned at  831 459 8548.


A pod of Beluga whales investigating our Zodiac, Photo By Kim Powell


ACTIVITIES INCLUDED: During our multi-sport adventure to the sub arctic zone of Churchill, we will kayak, paddle board (sup), view wildlife from zodiacs and larger vessels, dog mush, hike and  try the unique sport of beluga boarding. Our hikes are moderately easy over some rugged terrain with some elevation gain. 


BELUGA BOARDING: Get ready for an up close and personal encounter with a pod of beluga whales! This relatively new eco-adventure sport involves floating on a sturdy platform that is pulled behind a Zodiac. Curious by nature, beluga whales may approach the platform allowing you to dip your head into the chilly arctic water for a closer look. You may opt to keep your head and face dry while submerging a waterproof camera. Excellent viewing can be accomplished without using a mask, but you are likely to still get wet from spray or chop. We are extremely excited to offer this truly unique venue for experiencing the curious and chatty white whales.


It's important to test out your  mask and snorkel ahead of time. You want to be ready before mounting a beluga board!  If you are buying new gear, you should prep it before our trip.  There is a film on new masks  that can be removed with nongel, non whitening “cheap” toothpaste. Here’s a link on how to clean your mask.  A dive shop where you purchase gear can help you with proper fir and cleaning method. You may also buy a small bottle of drops  that helps to clean the masks (bought at your dive shop). As an alternative, You may rent a mask and snorkel for $10 for our two days of beluga boarding.

IMPORTANT UPDATES ON SNORKEL GEAR: We have recently learned about the  potential dangers in full face masks.  Apparently, in some models CO2 builds up inside the mask leading to blackouts, potentially fatal. Here is an article regarding the dangers of full face masks: With that said, Blue Water Ventures is banning the use  of full face masks on all of our snorkeling programs.  

WETSUITS PER ACTIVITY: The water surrounding Churchill during the summer is brisk averaging around 46 degrees during the month of July. Wetsuits are required while Beluga Boarding and Paddle Boarding (SUPPING). Sometimes beluga whales get a little frisky  investigating the white underside of your paddle board! If you are so lucky, this may lead to a quick dunk off your board. Wetsuits are needed while beluga boarding as there may be cold wind, chop and spray during the activity although submersion is unlikely.

5 Mil Full body wetsuits are provided while paddle boarding but not while beluga boarding. During our 2 beluga boarding sessions you may bring your own 5-7 mil full body suit or rent from our outfitter for $75 per day which includes mask, snorkel, gloves, hood and bootys.  Individual items~neoprene gloves, bootys, wetsuit hood and mask/snorkel may also be rented for beluga boarding for $5 per item or bring your own.


When kayaking we would recommend  a wetsuit sock worn along with a 3-5 Mil wetsuit booty. Wetsuit bootys work better than keens or tevas when launching our kayaks in the muddy, cold arctic water. You may also rent bootys for $5. Wetsuits are not worn when kayaking but PFDS, spary skirts and a paddle jacket are available for use at no additional chargePlan on approximately 2 hours of paddling time using stable tandem sea kayaks.


When paddle boarding/supping, 5 mil wetsuits, neoprene hoods, neoprene gloves and bootys are all provided. Plan on approximately 2 hours of paddle boarding. Not sure about your balance or skill level? You may paddle these stable boards from a sitting position, even closer to those curious white whales.


Please refer to our Detailed Packing List for more information.


CORAL SAFE SUNSCREEN: We hope you will consider bringing a small amount of  Coral Safe Sunscreen. such as  Faces  for the unlikely chance of submersion. If you have had a chance to look over our website packing list, you will  have noticed several brands of Coral Safe Sunscreens.  There are many out there, some that claim to be safe but actually are not.  A  key ingredient to avoid is oxybenzone, harmful to marine life. Two brands that we personally like are: Raw Element and Stream2Sea, although there are other good brands on the market. Review this link for more details: Coral Safe.  We truly appreciate  your consideration  of coral safe sunscreen to help reduce our impact on the fragile marine ecosystem.

SEA SICKNESS PREVENTION: If you are prone to sea sickness, we highly recommend bringing some form of prevention. Medications such as Bonine or Dramamine are usually effective although drowsiness or thirst can be a side effect. Many clients have been very happy with Scopalimine patches that requires a prescription. Your local pharmacist or physician can advise you. Many health food stores will recommend herbal remedies  such as Motionease for sea sick prevention and we have found this brand quite effective. In the past, several clients have successfully used "sea bands" which employ a pressure point on the wrists rather than medication. Sea Bands have no side effects and can be purchased at most dive shops or online at Prevention.



CAMERAS: Photographing marine mammals can be exciting as well as distracting! Sometimes its highly recommended to ignore the camera and simply be in the moment!  Your Blue Water Ventures guides will photo document your trip and  we will send a photo link to you. Over the years, we have preferred the Olympus Tough Underwater Camera with the round lens rather than  the square lens. Other clients have been extremely happy with the Cannon or Fiji underwater camerasYou may use a camera stick with these types of cameras as you do with a go pro.


GoPro cameras work extremely well with their wide angle setting as beluga whales approach you or our marine vessel.  For photographing from a distance, GoPros are less effective. You may want to bring a camera with a good zoom lens for capturing arctic wildlife on land.  Be sure to review your equipment prior to arrival. We will gladly offer any guidance on your equipment that we can.


Interpretive display at Leatherdale International Polar Bear Conservation Centre .

INSECT REPELLENT: Mosquitoes and black flies will be encountered in Churchill, some years to a lesser degree than others. A strong repellent is a good defense against mosquitoes and other insects that we may encounter.   A layer of clothing is a very effective defense against insects. Light colored clothing and no perfumes seems to help with bug management..  In recent years, clients have been very happy with a Eucalyptus Lemon Natural Repellent as an alternative to products with Deet. We recommend bringing a head net and hopefully if will not be needed.


CLOTHING: Please follow our packing list and arrive with a variety of layers with hopes of  some warmth and sunshine. There are no laundromats in Churchill, but you may turn in laundry at the front desk for a fee. Casual attire is acceptable while dining out in Churchill.

CELL PHONES and WIFI CONNECTION: Free Wifi connection is available at our hotel in Churchill and Winnipeg. App such as Facetime, Messenger, WhatsApp and Skype should work from both hotels as well. Wifi connections in the remote corners of the world can be slow but the service is complimentary. It is unlikely that you will have cell service while in Churchill. Be sure to put your phone on airplane mode upon arrival.

Exploring the colorful eateries in Churchill!

LOCAL CUISINE:   Great ready to try a variety of local cuisine such as  Wild Boar Bangers and Mash, Bison Stew, Vegan Borealis Burgers and Muddy Ice Flows! Several vegetarian options are available at restaurants we plan to visit. Please specify any dietary restrictions or allergies on the registration form that will be sent to you. To preview some of our local eateries please visit the Tundra Pub and Lazy Bear Cafe  Feel like keeping it simple? You may place an order to go at the Tundra Pub just a few steps away from our hotel by calling 204-675-8831 ext 114.

MONEY: To get the best rate, please consider exchanging US Currency into Canadian Currency (CAD) at you bank prior to arrival into Canada. Review the current exchange rate here: Money.  Once in Churchill, you will not be able to exchange currency but our hotel, restaurants and stores accepts US currency as well as Visa and Mastercard, but not American Express. Realizing that some people truly enjoy dining out while others do not or may be on a tighter budget, we've opted to let participants budget their own meal plan for Dinners and 3 Lunches.  We will have a full kitchen available for use if anyone would like to prepare simple meals such as pasta, sandwiches, etc. rather than dining out every night with our group. When dining out expect to pay $15-25 per dinner plus drinks or appetizers. During the program, there are 7 dinners and 3 lunches that you will need to cover. Please bring cash to cover the cost of dining out as multiple credit cards at a table may not always be possible. There are no ATMS in Churchill.

You may also bring dry food supplies from the states as the Churchill Grocery store is conveniently located but pricey. Other costs you are responsible for during our program are:  Personal liquor, airport baggage fees, phone calls, activities not described in the itinerary, and any airport departure taxes.  If conditions look favorable for viewing the northern lights, the fee for this excursion is $105 which includes gratuity. In the event of an evacuation or visit to a medical center, all costs are the responsibility of participants so please secure Trip Insurance and always travel with a credit card.


TIPPING: We have factored in a per person gratuity for all of our Canadian Guides so most tips are included in your trip cost. However, as is customary in hotels you may choose to leave a small tip in your room for hotel staff each morning. US dollars are fine, but no US coins. If you feel that your Blue Water Ventures assistant guide has served the group well, then please consider pooling a tip among your fellow participants.

PASSPORTS: Everyone is required to have a current passport for entry into Canada. It usually takes 6 weeks to process a passport. For information on obtaining a passport, please visit: passports   where you can also find information on how to obtain a passport quickly. Most post offices provide the service to process US passports.

DELAYS: Blue Water Ventures is not responsible for any costs incurred due to delays that may occur due to transportation (airline), weather, road conditions, government intervention, sickness or other contingencies for which we are unable to control.


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Map of the Churchill Area


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HOW TO REACH US IN CANADA IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY BACK HOME:   In the event of an emergency only, please call the Polar Boutique Inn & Suites at 1-204 675 8878 or email: or

: . Products containing CBD oils or THC should not be brought through US or Canadian customs. For more information go to Cannabis in Canada


Photo by Kim Powell