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Dear Students, Parents and Teachers:

Welcome to our day together visiting the spectacular tidepools of the Central California Coast.

We'll get an early start as we explore the inter tidal life that flourishes along our rocky shore. Colorful sea stars, giant green anemones, hermit crabs and nudibranchs are among the animals we are likely to see. Students will examine the tide pool community using several educational tools. Beach seining is possible at some locations such as Pillar Point Harbor. Our day will include a discussion of the Native Americans who set up temporary kitchens known as "shell middens" near the coastal tidepools. Teachers, please feel free to call us to discuss curriculum ideas in greater detail.

This information is available in a word document here:  Tidepooling.   A completed Waiver  is required by all participants.

Destinations to select from include: Natural Bridges, Davenport Landing, Pigeon Point, Pillar Point Harbor and Point Lobos.

We typically ask that 5-6 parent chaperones join us for the day. They will be assigned a station with questions for each group to answer as they rotate through in small groups. Parents will be given a key with answers for their particular station. An updated key will be sent to teachers before our field trip date.


Throughout the year, we will hike rain or shine, but not in a heavy downpour. Light rains do not cancel our day so please come prepared! Refunds are given if we cancel the trip due to heavy rains, not fog or light drizzle.

The cost of your tidepooling field trip is $250 for 20 students or less and $400 for 21-40 students when the site is chosen in Santa Cruz County. Pillar Point Harbor, adjacent to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve offers a great location for tidepooling, beach exploration and beach seining!  Please add $50 to the above fees to cover our travel costs to Pillar Point Harbor. The timing of our 4 hour program varies with tides and location.

Please send a check one week before your field trip date to: Blue Water Ventures, 108 Mason Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.     

How to Dress:
Please be prepared for a hot sunny day or a cool fog laden one. Dress in layers with an outer shell such as a windbreaker or rain jacket. Please bring a lunch and water bottle on the hike. Be sure to have sunscreen. Cameras and binoculars packed in a day pack with a garbage bag inside in case it rains is recommended. Hiking shoes or a sturdy tennis shoe for walking over sand are needed. You will need shoes that can get wet ( no flip flops or Crocs) while tidepooling. Sandals with a back strap and some tread are acceptable.

Distance We Will Hike
At most tidepooling locations we cover 1-2 miles round trip to reach our destination over sand and/or rocks.

We are looking forward to our adventure together along the Central California Coast!

Very Sincerely,

Kim Powell, MRPA
Owner, Operator & Naturalist
Blue Water Ventures
phone & fax: 831-459-8548
email: bluewaterventures@sbcglobal.net
127 Mason St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060