Women's Santa Cruz Coastal Cruise Featuring

Great White Sharks, Stunning Scenery and Marine Mammals of Monterey Bay.


   September 27th



October 25th




Join Blue Water Ventures on our exciting new program departing from Santa Cruz Harbor.

Over the  last few years, an area just  south of Capitola Wharf between New Brighton Beach and the “Cement Ship” has become a location where 

juvenile  white sharks concentrate on a regular basis during the summer and fall months. "Shark Park" as it has been locally coined has gained recognition as an area to view the iconic apex predator.

White sharks seek the shallow, calm water often quite near shore to warm up, thermoregulating their body temperature. We hope to see other marine life such as sea otters, harbor seals and possibly humpback whales that are foraging in Monterey Bay during the fall months.


To maintain social distancing, we are taking 50% fewer women to give everyone plenty of room on our  50' motorized vessel.

Just 15 women plus crew will join us on this special day on the water!



Refunds are given when cancellations are made at least 21 days in advance of trip date. Space on the roster is guaranteed when payments are received and in the order that we receive them.

Our new program was inspired this summer when we chartered the Sea Spirit Ocean Safari  as a birthday celebration for a friend.

We had a fantastic time with very close white shark encounters from the safety of our 50 foot long, motorized vessel. The Ocean Spirit has a wrap around deck for great viewing.

Enjoy the magnificent scenery around Santa Cruz as we make our way over to  “Shark Park”.

(Our vessel is motorized but we may pass by sailboats exploring the Santa Cruz Area)

Departing from Santa Cruz Harbor, we will slowly make our way south towards Shark Park. En route,  we will cruise by the  flourishing kelp beds scanning the water for sea otters with pups, sea jellies and harbor seals.
The scenery along the way is spectacular as we pass by the well known surf spot known as Pleasure Point.

As we approach Shark Park, we will start scanning the water for shadows or dorsal fins. As fish rather than mammals,  white sharks don’t surface for air as oxygenated water is pumped through their gills.

As with most mega wildlife, views are never guaranteed.  However, during the month known as “Sharktember”  and into October, chances are excellent. Fog often lifts and days on the water are stunning no matter what we may encounter.




Reports of lunge feeding humpback whales are a "game changer" and part of our day will include a “whale fix”. Some of our very best local whale encounters  have been September~October in this region.

The Sea Spirit is 50 feet long as marks on the railing every 6 feet.  Face masks will be worn unless you are eating or drinking. Beer and wine may be purchased on board. We are always in the open fresh air and we can spread out on the boat.   During the era of COVID the captain limits  customers to 15 plus crew.  Kim Powell, owner of Blue Water Ventures will be your on board naturalist.

Please review our COVID-19 kayaking protocol  here, much that applies to our outing: https://www.bluewaterventures.org/Coronavirusupdate.htm  

Of particular importance is proper screening of guides and customers  for COVID-19 symptoms.  If your temperature  is above 100 or if  you  are experiencing any flu like symptoms,  please do not join us.  You may have a credit that never expires for any kayaking  or hiking trip we offer.

As far as things to bring, here are a few suggestions I can offer:

* Dress in layers -- medium-rated fleece, capilene, or wool are good insulators; bring a warm top that can be put on as ocean breeze or fog approaches; a thin layer of capilene  or silk long sleeve underwear are a nice addition, but any long sleeve undershirt will do.
* Long pants or shorts-- depends on the day,  but it tends to be cooler on the water
* Wind breaker or rain jacket-- an outer shell to help insulate from sea breeze or spray.
* Footgear - most anything is OK except high heels or shoes lacking tread (flip flops)
* Fleece or wool cap for cooler days
* Sun hat and sunscreen
* Sun glasses (or prescription glasses) attached with a leash
* Binoculars and camera
* Water bottle

* Travel coffee mug
* Snacks -- Beer, wine and sodas may be purchased onboard; please do not bring your own alcohol, but you may bring snacks

* Small tip for boat captain and crew (optional).

Face Mask and personal hand sanitizer

Sea Sickness Medication: If you are prone to sea sickness, we highly recommend bringing some form of prevention. Medications such as Bonine or Dramamine are usually effective although drowsiness or thirst can be a side effect. Your local pharmacist can advise you. In the past, several clients have successfully used "sea bands" which employ a pressure point on the wrists rather than medication. Sea Bands have no side effects and can be purchased at most dive shops or some drug stores

Directions and Parking Information


We are so excited to offer this unique wildlife adventure!

In the Spirit of Adventure~

Kim Powell, MRPA
Owner, Operator & Naturalist
Blue Water Ventures
phone & fax: (831) 459 8548
127 Mason St, Santa Cruz CA 95060

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