Tidepooling, Coastal Exploration and Seafood Forage ~Davenport Landing: November 15th


$52,  $8 to rent one of our wetsuits, payable on day of trip


Hope you can join us for a day of exploring the rocky intertidal coast. We'll gather at Davenport Landing joining naturalist Kim Powell of Blue Water Ventures as we explore the tidepools. Wetsuits are recommended but optional as we explore nooks and crannies along the coast. While your feet and and hips may be briefly submerged, most of the hike is over wet sand and rocks. We'll harvest some mussels to cook right on the beach using a gourmet recipe while the sun sets over the water.

" The tidepool outing is a real keeper - such amazing diversity and beauty - thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with us! Eating mussels freshly foraged from the ocean & prepared right on the beach (with all the gourmet fixins) was a sensory delight!"   Ruth Krantz

"Watch our  Go Extreme Tidepooling Video



Welcome to our Tidepooling and Coastal Exploration Hike~Davenport Landing.


Now more than ever, we are so eager to get our adventuresome summer campers and Blue Water Women out in nature. Over these last few months, nature has been an extremely healing force in my life. I look forward to sharing this special part of our central coast in a fun and informative manner.  We have developed a COVID-19 protocol for our kayaking trips and much of it applies to our day hikes as well:

Updates on Coronavirus ~COVID-19

Our Trip Protocol

We will maintain social distancing and follow our safety protocols.


Our day will involve exploring the dynamic rocky shore habitat at Davenport Landing with a naturalist. The Central California Coast contains some of the most diverse intertidal areas in the world! We will help you understand the intricate adaptations of tidepool inhabitants such as sea anemones, sea stars, kelp crabs and cling fish. A minus tide allows us to explore some areas that are only accessible during low tides. We refer to this experience as Extreme Tidepooling as we offer opportunities to see nooks and crannies and sea creatures that require getting wet.

We will meet at 2:30pm at: 245 Davenport Landing Rd, Davenport, CA 95017Davenport is a small coast town 10 minutes north of Santa Cruz off of Highway One. The landing is a short distance north of the town of Davenport.  As they say:  "the tide waits for no one", so please do not be late.

Wetsuits are not mandatory but we encourage you to use one to fully participate in our program as you " follow the leader " $8 to rent one of our wet suits, payable on day of trip.



As far as things to bring, here are a few suggestions I can offer:

* Wetsuit recommended may change into one at the beach (bathing suit or underwear are fine underneath); you may rent a Farmer John style wetsuit  from us for $8
* Dress in layers on top -- Fleece, capilene, silk or wool are good insulators; bring a warm top that can be put on if cool weather (fog) approaches; Several  warm  layers    are recommended.
* Footgear for tidepooling - tennis shoes, Teva type sandals or wet suit booties -- any style is fine as along as they have tread; shoes may get wet as we tidepool;   bring an extra pair of shoes for afterwards to leave in car
* Hat with visor for sun protection
* Water bottle, snack
* Sunscreen and lip balm
* Sun glasses
* Binoculars and camera-- we will have dry bags for use
* Change of clothes

* Face Mask and personal hand sanitizer

That covers the logistics for Women's Tidepooling and Coastal Exploration Hike~Davenport Landing. A full refund will be given if the trip is cancelled due to inclement weather (unsafe sea conditions; not light rain or fog). Please download our waiver here, sign and bring with you: Waiver

We are looking forward to our adventure together at Davenport Landing!

Very Sincerely,

Kim Powell, MRPA
Owner, Operator and Naturalist
Blue Water Ventures
phone & fax: 831-459-8548
email: bluewaterventuressc@gmail.com
127 Mason St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060


Davenport Landing is less than one mile north of Davenport town on Highway One;  when heading north from Davenport, the turn off is at the bottom of a small hill; park near the bathrooms and entrance to the beach; Most of our tidepooling will be done to the north (right on the beach). Our day finishes up around 11:00am. For anyone who wishes too, we may remain on the beach longer if the current 11:00am beach clousure for Santa Cruz County has been lifted.  The address to the Davenport Abalone Farmn in Davenport Landing is: 245 Davenport Landing Rd, Davenport, CA 95017