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   Exploring the world's second largest barrier reef system


___ Passport

___ Malaria medication

___ Rain gear (durable, not a flimsy thin plastic style--bring both a top and bottom or a sturdy poncho is ok)

___ 1-2 Bathing suits

___ 4-5 T-Shirts (at least two that are loose fitting short sleeved t-shirts)

___ 2 Long-sleeved shirts (quick dry and light weight; cotton is ok)

___ 4-5 Pairs of shorts (quick dry and light weight )

___ 2 Pairs of lightweight long pants (tights are good for sunburn prevention & surgical scrubs are great in the jungle as well as other quick dry material

___ 1 lightweight sweatshirt, sweater or capilene/fleece longsleeve shirt

___ 1 Pair of hiking shoes (either a sturdy tennis shoe or hiking boot as long as they have good tread for our hiking day into the cave system)

___ 1 Pair of old tennis shoes, Aqua socks/ surf bootys or sandals with a back strap for support -- any style is fine but they will get wet;

                   we don't recommend crocs as they offer little support; We do recommend Keens (such as the Newport H2) that provide toe protection

___ 2 Pairs of socks (for hiking and to use with fins if needed)

___ 1 Flannel sheet or sleeping bag liner, over the years some people have  asked for an extra lightweight blanket so this seems to satisfy many

___ 2 Bath towels (sarongs are a nice alternative to bulky beach towels)

___ Bandana (very versatile item; can be used as a "do rag" among other things)

___ Clothes to travel home in

___ Toiletries (toothbrush, paste, lotions, aloe, etc,)

___ Sunscreen ( 20 strength or stronger) & lip balm with sunscreen, while snorkeling at Glovers, consider coral safe sunscreens reviewed here: Corals and Hawaii Bans Harmful Sunscreens

___ Sunglasses with leash

___ Hat with visor or wide rim

___ Small Dry Bag to protect personal gear such as cameras, extra clothing and binoculars while kayaking

___ Insect repellent--we like Lemon Eucalyptus by Repel, an effective non toxic alternative to DEET, others prefer the use of DEET.

___ Avon Skin So Soft bath oil, small amount (6 oz) which can be diluted with 1/2 water....a gentle but effective defense against sand gnats (no see ems), your BWV guides will have some to share

           but we recommend a small amount of your own

___ Baby powder--great for removing sand from feet

___ Personal medicines ( anti diarrhea,bandaids,neosporine, pain reliever, anti itch cream)

___ Joy dishwashing soap for laundry and bathing (Joy, Dawn and CampSuds are biodegradable; Dr. Brommer's is not recommended as it does not suds up well)

___ Day pack

___ Quart size water bottle

___ Duffel bag for your clothing and other personal gear -- lined on the inside with a garbage bag to waterproof

___ Mask fins & snorkel - check with a local dive shop for proper fit

___ 3 Garbage bags & 4 1 gallon ziplocs for organizing stuff

___ Flashlight or head lamp and extra batteries

___ Clothes pins and line

___ 1/2 roll of toilet paper stored in reusable bag

___ 2 Inexpensive carabiners for attaching gear to kayaks


        Climbing the ruins of Lamanai                             Island Life, Glover's Reef Atoll


___ Fishing gear- compact

___ Camera/film- we like the Olympus Tough Underwater Camera

___ Extra Camera Battery and memory card; camera battery charger

___ Binoculars

___ Journal and several pens/pencils

___ Favorite Coffee Mug

___ Mesh dive bag

___ Favorite adult beverage-you may re supply along way

___ Ear plugs

___ Waterproof flashlight or dive light

___ Waterproof watch

___ 1-2 Sarongs

___ Paperback book -- we carry a library of field guides

___1 Pair of flip flops

___ Small Dry Box (i.e. Pelican Boxes) to organize and waterproof miscellaneous items such as camera, binoculars, etc )

___ Sun Shower for hot water bathing on the island

___1 Rash Guard --can  be purchased at surf shops, Kayak Connection or REI; provides sun protection and warmth in water

___ Compact folded camp chair--i.e. Crazy Creek--no metal frames; there are beach chairs on the island for use as well as chairs in your water hut

___ Personal Scuba Diving Gear--or everything can be rented on site including mask, fins and snorkel

___Scuba Certification Card for certified divers

LOST LUGGAGE: Just in case your luggage is misplaced during airplane transfers,  pack the following in a carry on bag: mask & snorkel, 1 pair of shorts, 1 t-shirt, bathing

suit, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 pair of pants, camera, sunscreen, essential toiletries and personal medications.


                                      Morpho Butterfly                                                             Kayaking through an underground cave system and primary rain forest


Belize: a Natural Destination --- Richard Mahler & Steele Wotkyn

Belize and Northern Guatemala--Les Beletsky

The South American Handbook (Belize section)

Belize, Guatemala and Yucatan: The Lonely Planet Guide

Coral Reef Fishes --- Joseph Stokes

The Seaside Naturalist --- Deborah A. Coulombe

The Marine Biology Coloring Book-- Thomas M. Niesen

A Field Guide to The Coral Reefs of the Caribbean and Florida ---

Eugene Kaplan The Neotropical Companion --- John C. Kricher

Tropical Naturalist --- Adrian Forsyth & Ken Miyata A Belizean Rainforest--- Robert H. Horwich

Jaguar --- Alan Rabinowitz

Mexican Birds--- Roger Tory Peterson

The Heart Of The Sky (Travels Among the Maya) --- Peter Canley Sastun

--- Rosita Arvigo (My apprenticeship with a Maya Healer)

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