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Blue Water Ventures Protocol Concerning Coronavirus~ COVID-19 

For all Local Scheduled and Private Tours including School Groups

(updated on April 28th, 2020)


All of our kayaking tours and field trips have been canceled through TBA as Monterey County Department of Health has issued a " Shelter in Place" order made effective at 12:01am on March 18th. 

We are in the process of contacting all of our customers who have signed up for our current schedule of trips, as well as private groups.

Please be safe and we look forward to sharing the wonders of Elkhorn Slough and beyond with you in the future.

This too shall pass.



April 28th, 2020 Update

We are committed to the health and well being of our guests and crew. We continue to monitor the evolving situation regarding the Coronavirus by reviewing updates put forth by the Center for Disease Controi and Prevention (CDC).


For questions regarding our multi-day trips, please email Kim Powell at: bluewaterventuressc@gmail.com


Our tours always meet in the open fresh air, never indoors. Santa Cruz Harbor and North Moss Landing Harbor,  where most  of our tours originate are rarely crowded.


In Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic,  We screen our clients and guides before each tour and follow these protocols, see below. 


Protocol for Sanitation

* We sterilize our kayak paddles before and after each use.


* We wash our PFDs and spray skirts with a bleach/water mix after each use.


* We rinse the outside of our kayaks with soapy water after each use


* Clients and Guides will be required to wear face masks or bandanas during introductions and safety talk, once on the water they will be required if that is the current mandate by county health officials


* The use of a hand sanitizer will be required  during our check in procedure and for trips involving a lunch stop, hand sanitizer will be offered during lunch.



Protocol for Social Distancing While Kayaking

* Our tandem boats measure a few inches shy of six feet from cockpit seat to cockpit seat (Amaruks are 5'10" and Looskha T's are 5'8") Once seated, you are not facing your kayaking partner.


* If gatherings of 10 or less are mandated: Typically our kayaking groups are less than 10 people. For larger groups, we will designate two different meeting areas and you will be assigned a guide with a ratio of 9 clients to one guide Groups will remain as separate units while kayaking.


*6 Feet between all clients will be maintained during introductions and safety talk: Guides will demonstrate the proper use of foot pegs and rudders but will no longer adjust the rudder system for clients. Each client will adjust their own PFDs and skirts. Guides will provide a visual check of each client. We will no longer circle up during introductions but line up using our 7 foot long paddles to maintain social distancing.


* While launching and kayaking, 6 feet will be maintained Extended Kayak paddles are a quick  and easy way to measure and maintain social distancing on the water. Our kayak paddles measure over 7 feet in length.


* Forming rafts  on the water will no longer occur while 6 feet social distancing is mandated, guides will "form loose gatherings" and project their voice while educating groups and will maintain 6 feet distance on the water



Protocol for Screening our Clients and Guides

* We screen our clients and guides. We reserve the right to refuse anyone on the morning of the trip who appears sick with a cough, fever, etc.  We will offer them a credit for a future booking. Please don't arrive sick. We will follow up with an email with options for rescheduling.


*  If a BWV guest or guide  has traveled  through an area identified by the CDC as warning Level 3 in the last 21 days prior to the tour  we ask that you don’t join our tour. You may reschedule.


*  If  a BWV  guest or guide has been in close contact with someone (within approximately 6 feet ) of a person known to have COVID-19 within the last 21 days prior to  a scheduled trip, we ask that you don’t join our tour. You may reschedule.


*  If a guest or  guide develops  flu-like symptoms (a fever, cough, and shortness of breath)  within 21 days prior to a scheduled trip, we ask that you don’t join our tour. You may reschedule.


* During our safety talk, we will demonstrate proper trip hygiene such as coughing into a bent elbow, sanitizing hands at check in, a reminder to not touch your face and to dunk hands into sea water as needed for rinsing while on the water.




For More information, Please visit the Center for Disease Control at CDC and the COVID-19


Ultimately, we want everyone to remain safe and healthy. Lets work together to make this happen.


Until the Sea Otter pops up to greet us!


Kim Powell, MRPA
Owner, Operator & Naturalist
Blue Water Ventures
phone & fax: 831-459-8548

email: bluewaterventuressc@gmail.com     
127 Mason St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060