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Belize Adventure for Women

Trip Cost:
10-14 guests: $3075   15-19 guests: $2750

Due to the complexity of arranging foreign programs the following cancellation policy is required.

If cancellations are made before September 1st, you will be granted a full refund.

If cancellations are made over 120 days prior to the starting date of the program, you will be granted a full refund of the trip minus a

$200 non-refundable processing fee 

 If cancellations are made less than 120 days prior to the starting date, no refunds will be granted.

We can not make  any exceptions to our cancellation policy so please secure Travel Protection. Please thoroughly review the details below.


Blue Water Ventures (BWV) strongly suggests that participants purchase Travel Protection
for the
full value of your trip (trip cost and airfare) for all international trip destinations. Travel Protection is a cost effective way to help protect you and your investment.

Since some benefits are time sensitive, including the Pre-Existing Condition Waiver and the Cancel for Any Reason Clause, we encourage all travelers to purchase a plan at the time of initial deposit.


To include the Pre-Existing Condition Waiver or Cancel for Any Reason Clause, trip protection must be purchased within 18 days from when your initial trip deposit is sent to Blue Water Ventures or within 18 days from when a airlines ticket is purchased.

You may still purchase Travel Protection at a later date, but the pre-existing condition waiver or cancel for any reason clause will not be included. 

Travel Protection Plans offer a variety of benefits, including coverage for medical evacuations, a cost that we cannot cover for you. Plans also offer benefits if you need to cancel your trip for a covered reason, in addition to many other insurance benefits and non-insurance assistance services.  

Travel Protection helps provide coverage for unexpected circumstances and helps protect you and your travel investment. Please refer to your proposed plan document for complete plan details, exclusions and limitations before purchasing your plan.

We offer Travel Protection through Travel Insured International

Click on the link below to learn more and to purchase a plan or please purchase a plan through another Trip Insurance provider of your choice.


Buy travel protection from Travel Insured International


You may purchase a plan online by clicking on the above link or by calling Customer Care: 800-243-3174. When calling, please provide our Blue Water Ventures Agent # 53345. You may also call customer care to answer any questions regarding plans or coverage. Many of our clients choose the World Wide Protector Plan (the middle choice in between the Pro and the Lite).


However, with the 2020 COVID-19  episode of 2020, we highly recommend the Purchase of the World Wide Protector Plus  Plan which offers a "Cancel For Any Reason Clause". 

This plan will provide  a reimbursement of up to 75% of your prepaid non-refundable trip costs if you cancel 48 hours or longer before departure.


To receive the benefits of a "Cancel For Any Reason Clause", you must purchase your plan within 18 days from when your initial trip deposit is sent to Blue Water Ventures or within 18 days from when a airlines ticket is purchased. When purchasing your plan estimate the full value of your trip (trip cost and airfare) to receive the benefits of a Cancel for Any Reason Clause.



All costs for evacuations and/or medical treatments are the responsibility of each participant.

Please travel with a credit card in the event that payments are required for an evacuation or medical treatment.

BWV is not responsible for any expenses incurred by participants related to a canceled program or one they participated in, costs such as airline tickets, flight change fees, lost luggage, missed flights, visa fees, transportation, lodging, etc. Blue Water Ventures does not assume responsibility for program changes or trip cancellations due to situations such as those related to weather, local or international events such as but not limited too earthquakes, tsunamis, outbreaks of flu or viruses, political events ( such as, but not limited too war or travel bans) or any other reason. Furthermore, BWV is not responsible for changes in private or governmental sectors, both at the domestic and international level, that may effect this trip. BWV reserves the right to cancel a trip before it's departure date for any reason including insufficient participation, travel bans, weather, local or international events   or political events,  and we may not provide a refund for any portion of your trip. 


PLEASE NOTE: Only policies which have a "Cancel for any Reason Clause" or equivalent will reimburse you up to 75% for a trip which is canceled due to insufficient participation, travel bans, weather, local, international or political events. 


A  Note from the Owner of Blue Water Ventures: Please consider this: In order to provide our rich international programs, Blue Water Ventures sends deposits to outfitters in other countries. In some cases, these deposits are nonrefundable for any reason.  Blue Water Ventures has been traveling with groups domestically and internationally since 1996 and the owner, Kim Powell started her career as an international guide 10 years prior in 1986.  We have had some truly outstanding adventures with 100's of incredible people over the decades! Both the travel industry in general and our eco-adventure small business are faced with new challenges. However, we remain committed to our goal of enriching the lives of our clients and our hosts abroad by providing these extraordinary learning vacations.

Please be sure to mark your calendars.

$200 reservation  fee is due upon registration (if your plans change, please let us know as soon as possible )

$1000 Deposit Due:  September 25th,
$1000 Deposit Due: January 10th

Balance due: February 1st,

Please send all payments in the form of personal checks or money orders to:
Blue Water Ventures, 127 Mason St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060

If you would like to pay a portion of your trip using PayPal,
Please visit our


Payment Center
Please add an additional 3% to cover PayPal's service fee.

(rather than building a 3% increase into the trip cost, we have given people the option to pay by check

and avoid this service fee)

Payment Schedule if Pay by Pay Pal:

$103 Non-refundable reservation is due upon registration

$1030 Deposit Due: September 25th
$1030 Deposit Due: January 10th

Balance Due: February 1st