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Welcome To The Belize Tropical Field Study



Belize is a small English speaking country located south of the Yucatan Peninsula with a population around 320 000 people. Despite its low population,

this peaceful democracy is the home to a culturally diverse group of people. Garifuna (African and Carib Indian mix), Spanish, Creole and Mayan Indians are

among the ethnic groups represented here. Belize has extraordinary natural resources including the world's only sanctuary established to protect the endangered jaguar

and the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere.

The crystal clear water, cascading waterfalls, Mayan ruins draped with jungle flora and extensive cave system

offers a wide variety of tropical habitats to explore.

From the moment students arrive, they become immersed into the culture of Belize. Each overnight accommodation used on this itinerary is Belizean owned and operated.

In Hopkins Village, we stay in thatched huts that are fashioned after the traditional Garifuna home.

In the Maya Center, our stay includes cottages built by a Mayan family as well as individual homes.

At Glover's Reef our accommodations are rustic but comfortable and fashioned much like the homes of Belizean fisherman.

I have been organizing and leading student expeditions to Belize since 1988. As a naturalist, my area of expertise is coral reef ecology. However of equal interest to me and my guides is sharing the cultural diversity of this country to students. We have watched kids grow up in villages and eco-tourism shape the country's economy.

Our contacts in Belize are dependable. We share years of friendship with our Belizean hosts.

On each trip you are joined by two talented naturalist guides

who relate well to students and are highly qualified for these assignments.

SELECTING AN ITINERARY: Various student itineraries with price ranges are posted on the web page although custom built itineraries are also possible. For each itinerary, trip cost is based on the following breakdown: 12-14 students, 15-17 students, 18-20 students with one teacher chaperone at no charge. Smaller or slightly larger group sizes are possible and a second chaperone may join us for a discounted fee.

TRIP COST: The cost of the Belize Tropical Field Study includes all lodging, food, entrance fees, transportation in Belize, permits, all activities described in the itinerary and naturalist guide services. The price does not include airfare, phone calls, unscheduled boat trips or the departure tax of $40 per person. We ask that students bring $20 to contribute to a tip for our cooks but all other tips are included in the trip price. American dollars are accepted throughout Belize. The current exchange rate is two Belizean dollars to one American dollar.

We highly recommend our 13 Day program. Our rates which includes one teacher chaperone at no charge are:

12-14 students:  $2195     15-17 students: $1975   18-20 students: $1795

FLIGHTS TO BELIZE: There are several options for travel to Belize. Continental Airlines flies daily to Belize from Houston. Other carriers include American Airlines via Miami or Dallas and Taca Airlines which has several routes. We suggest that you consult your travel agent who may also give you advice on the purchase of travel insurance.

NEXT STEP: If you are interested in discussing options further, please give us a call. We can guide you through the process of selecting an itinerary that suits your educational interests. A contract with prices, payment schedule and other pertinent information will be sent to you. A slide show is available upon request.

Very Sincerely,

Kim Powell, MRPA
Owner, Operator & Naturalist
Blue Water Ventures
phone & fax: 831-459-8548

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