Why Choose A Field Trip With Us?

Why Choose A School Field Trip with Us?

Marine Extreme Camp - Blue Water Ventures

School Field Trips

Our team of naturalist will paddle the extra mile to make your school field trip extra special and educational!

Our programs are unique from a full day of land and water activities in Elkhorn Slough to  Extreme Tidepooling! We strive to make learning fun!

Blue Water Ventures offers a variety of naturalist-led field trips for schools. Elkhorn Slough, our most popular destination is a protected waterway, great for all ages from elementary level to college students. Pillar Point Harbor near Half Moon Bay, is an ideal location for Bay Area schools.

During our full day kayaking field trips we include activities both in the water and on land to reinforce our outdoor curriculum. Most outfitters spend a few hours on the water. We feel we offer something unique with our full day of educational programming and team building. 9:30am- 2:00pm

Why Choose Us For Your School Field Trip?

Our Elkhorn Slough and Pillar Point  programs includes: marine ecology, endangered species, natural history of marine mammals, sea birds  and cultural history. Leadership and teamwork are key components to our day of enrichment.  After lunch, we  may pull a large seine net, offer a hike or explore the intertidal world.

Prior to meeting  student groups,  we touch base with teachers to discuss the  particular educational themes or team building activities they would like covered. Kim Powell, owner of Blue Water Ventures earned her Masters Degree in Environmental Interpretation and has dedicated her life to enriching the lives of students through extraordinary outdoor experiences.

What Teachers Say

To discuss curriculum ideas for your students,  please call Kim Powell, Owner & Lead Naturalist at (831) 459-8548 or by email at:


Message to Teachers from The Owner of Blue Water Ventures