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Photo credit: Kim Powell


Think Light! One checked bag not to exceed 33 lbs and one carry on at 11 lbs

Laundry services available mid trip. Details on luggage, excess baggage fees and laundry at: More Info

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___ Rain gear (durable, not a flimsy thin plastic style--bring both a top and bottom )

___ 1 Bathing suit

___ 2-4 T-Shirts (at least two that are loose fitting short sleeved t-shirts, no shirts that reveal the midriff)

___ 1 Long-sleeved shirt (quick dry and light weight; cotton is ok)

___ 1-3 Pairs of shorts (quick dry and light weight; at least one pair that does not go above the knees and no "short" shorts as they may be considered offensive).

___ 1 Pair of long pants  lightweight cotton pants; jeans are heavy, add weight  and are not recommended  

___ Pajamas- Pajamas or sweatpants are nice in the event that part of our stay is during a possible cold snap and

                            lightweight boxers or equivalent for sleeping on warm nights

___ One Skirt, Dress or Sarong for church or other  cultural activities ( dress should come to knee or lower, if  dress is sleeveless

                   plan to wear something over dress such as a sarong or long sleeve shirt that covers shoulders) a sarong may be used as a skirt for church, long pants and sleeved shirt for men

___ 1 Medium fleece sweater that keeps the body warm even when wet

___ 1 Pair of hiking shoes (either a sturdy tennis shoe with good tread or lightweight hiking boot )

___ 1 Pair of water shoes: old tennis shoes, Aqua socks/ surf bootys or sandals with a back strap for support -- any style is fine but they will get wet;

                   we don't recommend Crocs as they offer little support; We do recommend Keens (such as the Newport H2) that provide toe protection See More Info

___ 1-2 Pairs of socks (for hiking and to use with fins if needed)

___ Bandana or a Buff  headwear--great for sun protection and flare! We have our new Blue Water version of a Buff, our "blue rag" available for purchase

___ Windbreaker --or you may use your rain gear as a windbreaker

___ Clothes worn on your travel days

___ Toiletries (toothbrush, paste, lotions, aloe, etc--think small and lightweight, hard to purchase during first leg of trip)

___ Sunscreen ( 20 strength or stronger) & lip balm with sunscreen, while snorkeling in Tonga , consider coral safe sunscreens reviewed here: Corals and Hawaii Bans Harmful Sunscreens

___ Sunglasses with leash

___ Convertor Plug, plugs are the heavy, angled type used in Australia and New Zealand found at hardware stores. More details under Electrical Outlets at More Info

___ Hat with visor or wide rim

___ Ski Cap or beanie for warmth will help warm us up if we get chilled on boat trips

___ Insect repellent (small amount 3oz, Anti- itch cream (i.e. benedral) - for insect bites see recommendations at  More Info

___ Personal medicines ( anti diarrhea, band aids,neosporine, pain reliever; keep prescriptions in their original bottle with RX number labeled)

___ Sea sickness prevention medicine - if you are prone to sea sickness; enough to last for 7 boat excursions and 2 charter flights in small plane  see recommendations at  More Info

___ Day pack or small dry bag to protect personal gear such as camera, extra clothing and binoculars while boating; line the inside of a day pack with a garbage bag

                           we like heavy style compressor bags for waterproofing our daypacks

___ Quart size water bottle

___ Personal Snacks  that pack easily to supplement  the three meals provided; we have limited space so we will not be bringing our usual supply of healthy snacks

___ Wetsuit - 3mm long sleeve with short pants or full body wetsuit for comfort while snorkeling see more details at  Wetsuits at   More info  link

___ Duffel bag for your clothing and other personal gear -- lined on the inside with a garbage bag to waterproof;  duffel with rollers is acceptable but wheels add weight

___ Mask fins & snorkel - check with a local dive shop for proper fit, some fins require booties and a dive shop can help with that. Review details at More info 

___ 2 Garbage bags & a few gallon ziplocs for organizing stuff

___ Flashlight or head lamp and extra batteries




___ Cameras- we like the Olympus Tough Underwater Camera with the round lens rather than square lens, GoPro cameras work great,  Review details at More info 

___ Extra Camera Battery and memory card; camera battery charger

              and adaptor if you plan to charge in your hotel room with international adapter (see Electrical Outlets at More info link)

___ Binoculars

___ Journal and several pens/pencils

___ Mesh dive bag

___ Favorite adult beverage-you may re supply along way or purchase in Duty Free while in New Zealand or Fiji, very limited choices in Tonga

___ Favorite Tea or instant Starbuck Coffee packages to add additional  strength to coffee provided on trip

___ Baby powder--great during travel in the tropics for removing sand and treating heat rash, small amount

___ One small camp towel purchased at outdoor stores to take on boat rides

___ Ear plugs

___ Waterproof flashlight or dive light-we may offer a night walk among the intertidal if conditions permit

___ Waterproof watch

___ 1 Sarong

___ Paperback book -- we will carry a small library of field guides

___1 Pair of flip flops

___ Dive booties to wear with your fins if using those that require booties such as fins with a heel strap

___1 Rash Guard --can  be purchased at surf shops, Kayak Connection or REI; provides sun protection and warmth in water;

                            we like Mysterioso rash guard tops that  are lightweight and provide extra warmth

___ Light weight synthetic jacket such as the Patagonia Nano Puff could be used along with a light weight fleece instead of a heavier medium fleece

___ Scuba Certification Card for certified divers; scuba gear can be rented on Ha'pai and Vava'u

LOST LUGGAGE: Just in case your luggage is misplaced during airplane transfers, consider packing in a carry on bag: mask & snorkel, 1 pair of shorts, 1 t-shirt, bathing

suit, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 pair of pants, camera, personal medications.



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